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However, after the war, things started to get worse for the blacks. The southern governments and the former associates passed and approved laws, which…
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Agrarian Domains
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The Rise of Legal Segregation in the South Slavery and racial segregation was prevalent in the United s for morethan 200 years prior to the onset of the civil war. However, after the war, things started to get worse for the blacks. The southern governments and the former associates passed and approved laws, which were known as the black regulations. These laws strictly restricted the rights of blacks and isolated them from the white (Stonaker & Shepard, 1). By 1870s, there was a rising movement to restore control of the south to southerners. In addition, there was a growing hatred of any foreign governing of southern states by outsiders bound by the reconstruction acts (Schultz & Tishler, 4).
The legal system and police encouraged segregation. However, beyond the legal system, there was often a potential risk by the terrorist aggression. The Ku Klux Klan, Knights of White Camellia, and other fanatics assassinated thousands of blacks and several whites to stop them from voting and taking part in public life (Stonaker & Shepard, 12). Execution was one of the major ways of violence. Between the year 1884 and 1900, white gangs assassinated approximately 2,000 blacks in the south. The gangs also burned them alive, shot them or even beat them to death. The perpetrators also executed blacks for any defilement of the southern rules and regulations (16).
The southern states approved laws in the middle of 1800’s that obliged different accommodations for blacks and whites in schools. They also approved laws for different public transportation systems, courts, libraries, and cemeteries. Additionally, they also approved that no black man would be put in a similar insane shelter with the white man in every southern state. Popularly, all the above laws were collectively referred to as Jim Crow laws (Schultz & Tishler, 5).
The first step towards the fight for elimination of legal segregation occurred when colored people, factions of African Americans and some European activists collaborated to fight segregation of trains in New Orleans. In 1905, W.E.B. Dubois led a number of Black activists at a meeting convened in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada to plan tactics for elimination racial segregation and advocate for racial equality. In the year 1909, this meeting by black activists became the Niagara Movement, which led to the formation of National Association of the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). This association concerted its efforts to fight for the rights of colored people and challenging racial segregation in courts (Stonaker & Shepard, 29).
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