Should companies be required to be more Green (environmentally friendly) even if it costs more - Research Paper Example

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Companies greatly contribute to economic growth, given that they create employment opportunities as well as products or services which increase people’s living standards. However, in the course of their business activities such as manufacturing processes, companies also…
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Should companies be required to be more Green (environmentally friendly) even if it costs more
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Extract of sample "Should companies be required to be more Green (environmentally friendly) even if it costs more"

Should companies be required to be environmental friendly? Companies greatly contribute to economic growth, given that they create employment opportunities as well as products or services which increase people’s living standards. However, in the course of their business activities such as manufacturing processes, companies also contribute to environmental pollution. Environmental pollution has been on the increase, with air and water pollution being the most common forms of pollution. It has negative implications for the society such as depletion of natural resources and increased health complications for the affected populations. In some countries such as China, the issue of environmental pollution is so serious that if not checked, it could reverse the economic gains achieved over the years. This clearly shows that environmental protection should become a priority especially for companies, which contribute significantly to environmental pollution. Accordingly, companies should be required to be environmental friendly even if it is a costly venture.
One of the reasons why companies should be required to become environmental friendly is that growth which is achieved at the expense of the environment will only be short term. In degrading the environment and depleting natural resources, a company’s success can only be short term, since such resources are needed for future production. In this case, protecting the environment also protects a company’s long-term productivity. Companies should therefore ensure that their activities do not harm the environment in order to achieve sustainable development. Although environmental protection is quite costly, the cost of reversing the effects of environmental degradation may be higher for a company (EPA).
Companies should also be required to become environmental friendly because it is also beneficial for them. As people’s awareness of environmental pollution rises, they look out for companies that show concern for the environment. Consequently, customers or clients will be more likely to purchase products or services from companies which are actively engaged in environmental protection. A company that is environmental friendly will therefore retain its existing customers, while acquiring new ones. In the end, this has a positive impact on a company’s productivity, which outweighs its costs in environmental protection (Scherzer).
As seen from the text, environmental protection is a costly venture, thus companies maybe unwilling to become environmental friendly. In order to make this requirement a reality, policymakers need to implement strict environmental protection policies that govern business operations. Such policies should also have stiff penalties for companies violating such them, which would act as a deterrent. Companies would therefore comply in order to evade penalties, which would benefit them and the society as a whole (Scherzer).
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