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Green Building Materials - Term Paper Example

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As a result, use of eco friendly and renewable “green building materials” in construction has become a major necessity in a sustainable building or green building. According to Environmental…
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Green Building Materials
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Download file to see previous pages A green building utilizes resource like energy, water, land, materials etc more efficiently than traditional buildings. Moreover, a special emphasis is given in ensuring occupant health and in reducing wastage and environmental degradation. The resources like recycled materials, renewable resources, salvaged building materials, some durable materials etc come under the green building materials. Today, billions of tons of raw materials are used for the construction activities every year, and that has resulted in extensive depletion of non renewable natural resources throughout the world. In this regard, renewable green building materials have become a necessity in conserving the declining non-renewable resources. According to Howe and Gerald (2010, p. 232), in traditional construction, a large amount of construction and demolition (C&D) wastes are getting disposed in the landfills every day. In green building practices, salvaged or recycled materials are used which contribute in better waste management. Some of the traditional building materials produce toxic chemicals which are harmful to human health. There is also massive carbon foot print production during various construction and operation process within the buildings. The use of green building materials in construction can maximize efficiency and minimize wastage, and it offers a healthy place to live with less impact on environment. Green building materials have several advantages that make them more favourable to be used in construction than the traditional building materials. To be specific, green building materials are of low cost, environmentally friendly, and safe in several respects.
To begin with, when compared to traditional building materials, green building materials offer several financial benefits. Construction of green building does not necessarily need to be expensive. Some of the green products are available at a cost less than or equal to that of traditional ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Green Building Materials Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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