[Art history] Compare and Contrast , The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli and Death of Marat by David - Essay Example

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The painting was produced in the Romantic/Gothic style. The painting portrays a young woman sleeping alone and is in the anguish of a bad dream. The Death of Marat is an oil on…
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[Art history] Compare and Contrast Essay, The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli and Death of Marat by David
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"[Art history] Compare and Contrast , The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli and Death of Marat by David"

Download file to see previous pages two images is a result of the difference in the styles used, the movements under which they were produced and most importantly, the main reason for their production.
Fuseli’s Nightmare in of the Romansesque/Romantic/Gothic style. As expected of many paintings produced in Romantic style, the Nightmare portrays some level of sexuality. In fact, this painting is cloaked in mystery yet dripping with scandalous sexuality. Romanticism involves the use of decorations, light colors, and smooth surfaces. These features are brought out well in the Nightmare. The woman is depicted as wearing a white, light nightdress and has a smooth body (Detroit Institute of Arts).
In this piece of art, it is evident that the movements and gestures of this figure are exaggerated. Fuseli produced this painting as a reaction to rejected marriage proposal. He wanted to marry a woman called Miss Anna Landholdt. Fuseli therefore presents himself as the demonic incubus perched on the womans chest. This was a great expression of jealous and emotional revenge.
The Nightmare exemplifies Fuseli’s style and romanticism in general by bringing out elements of passion and lust. This is evidenced by the type of dressing the woman is wearing and the blood red curtain behind the scene. These features create light contrast which intensifies the woman’s eminent glow. The woman also lies in a vulnerable position. In this painting, Fuseli has also used chiaroscuro style to add to the effects of the contrast created by dark and light colors. This has given the scene an eerie glow (Detroit Institute of Arts).
David’s work, the Death of Marat, drew from Neoclassicism. This style emerged as a result of the reaction of artists to Rococo style. The style was meant to do away with Rococo features which included being gaudy, cluttered and over-decorative. The painters were also receiving inspiration from archeological digs of Pompeii and Herculaneum. In terms of theme, paintings produced under neoclassicism ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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