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The most vital legitimate causes are dangers to human rights along with the quality of human lives. The right of self-defense plays a key role within the Just…
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American War
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The Just War Theory s that war may only be used when there is a clear and present danger with a legitimate cause. The most vital legitimate causes are dangers to human rights along with the quality of human lives. The right of self-defense plays a key role within the Just War Theory. The Korean War was the first historical event where one nation intervened to protect another nation’s rights. Although some critics debate whether the Korean War was justified, the Just War Theory applies quite clearly.
North Korea invaded South Korea and violated the United Nations’ Charter. The people of South Korea were under extreme scrutiny by North Korea with numerous cases of violations of human rights. The United States used the Just War Theory to explain their reason for entering the conflict. The United States intervened in order to prevent the flow of Communism (that was commonly associated with human oppression) along with the defense of South Korea and their people.
Due to the United States’ intervention, the people of South Korea experienced a decrease in human rights violations and their quality of life increased. The United States also exemplified their theory of humane treatment with their actions towards prisoners of war by treating them fairly. However, some critics believe that the United States used the Just War Theory to mask the main reason why they became involved: to grow as an imperialist power. This may be true but fortunately, the efforts of the United States did positively affect the people of South Korea.
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