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To what degree was the American war an independence war - Essay Example

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To what degree was the American war an independence war? The American revolutionary war is without a doubt vital piece towards the culmination of American history. After the colonists have arrived in America from Britain, the settlers looked for a new direction in their life (Meyer 9)…
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To what degree was the American war an independence war
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"To what degree was the American war an independence war"

Download file to see previous pages Many colonists migrated from Great Britain to gain independence and to seek their own personal freedoms that the King George III clearly neglected. The desire to colonize the new world generally meant more liberation and strong urgency of independence (“Boston Tea Party”). Another root cause of the American Revolutionary War was the colonial legislatures that were enacted by the King The enactment of these laws meant that that the colonies continued to be pass laws and pay taxes to atone the sins of the Great Britain. Tom Paine’s in his literary work the “common sense” described King George as a “royal brute.” King George III can be considered an “unfit leader” in many aspects. First and foremost is the fact that he used the colonist’s tax money to fund his poor decisions as a King but also to pay for his son’s misfortunes (Meyer 12). Hence, the colonist fought the revolutionary war to ooze the ideals of Democracy and to break away from the traditional suppression of the king. What political tasks did Mao assign the red army? Mao as a leader was very disciplined and organized. Hence, he assigned many political tasks for his army to conduct in an efficient manner. One of the primary focus of Mao was to incorporate superior strategies to defeat the Nationalists in civil war. Thus, propaganda became a crucial factor. Moreover, he wanted to create a strong sense of discipline in the army that can incorporate his agenda from higher lever to a lower level. His intention was to concentrate on the ills of the country itself and use himself as a positive and confident leader. Moreover, Mao wanted the red army to be extremely organized and collaborative. His idea of network branched beyond the traditional methodology (Abbott 19). Mao also wanted to speed up the economic growth as the industrial development and agriculture was launched. Since Mao and Stalin did not trust each other, China became under the strong control of Mao himself. The Red Army of China became his face of power throughout most of his military career. What was worse was the fact that the Red army excelled in blackmail tactics under his supreme command. If any individual was to protest against Mao’s rule, he or she would be indefinitely executed. These type of tactics were adapted from Stalin and Hitler that Mao utilized to implement in his red army. Although later in career, Mao’s leverage over the army was lost, his army continued to have a strong alliance with Russia. His intention was not to rebuild China but utilize his power to compile an efficient army that can assist him during his need (Abbott 13). In essence, Mao’s power manifested itself into the red army and became the embodiment of power, confidence, control and leverage for him. What were the key organizational and strategic problems of the US Army in the years immediately after the Vietnam War? The aftermath of the key organizational and strategic problems of the US Army were numerous. One of the key organization problems that Americans had was to establish themselves in the international sphere. Another strategic problem that posed for the Americans was the fact that they lost key position in the spheres of containing communism. The mere idea that communism will continue to thrive in Asia served as a huge threat to United States. Without a doubt, the Vietnam was an ideological ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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