Significance of Troy in Iliad and Uruk in Gilgamesh - Research Paper Example

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This essay describes the significance of Troy in Iliad and Uruk in Gilgamesh. Cities like Troy and Uruk are associated with legends or events of the heroic works of Iliad and Gilgamesh, respectively. The heroes came to be known by the names of the cities they belonged…
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Significance of Troy in Iliad and Uruk in Gilgamesh
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Extract of sample "Significance of Troy in Iliad and Uruk in Gilgamesh"

Download file to see previous pages Homer’s Iliad is fundamental to any study of Troy and the Trojans... the Iliad’s importance for the purpose of the book is twofold. First, it is the earliest surviving literary representation of the Trojans... Secondly, the Iliad had a continuing influence right through to the end of the ancient world. (Erskine, 48) ...nor were the trench and the high wall above it, to/ keep the Trojans in check longer. They had built it to protect/ their ships and had dug the trench all round it that it might/ safeguard both the ships and the rich spoils which they had/ taken, but they had not offered hecatombs to the gods. It had/ been built without the consent of the immortals, and therefore it/ did not last. (Book XII) Troy was built by the sea and was protected by a trench and a fortified wall. This shows the military strength of Troy and it also explicit its ability to attack the enemy from behind its walls. The high walls of the fortress gave an opportunity to assess the strength of the approaching enemy and an easy way to attack it. Moreover, the trench also served as an important defense mechanism to keep the enemy out of the city. Though the military might of Troy seemed invincible, yet it fell because the gods were perhaps not happy with the people. As it was built without paying homage to the gods or the ‘immortals’; therefore, it was bound to be destroyed. It points towards an important religious factor in Iliad that cities can retain life only with the approval of gods. “The lofty towers of wide-extended troy” (36, Book II) could not be saved from burning down to ashes even with all its military strength.This was not the case long before, when “None stands so dear to Jove as sacred Troy” (68, Book IV). Troy was a city that was self-sufficient in crops and agriculture. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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