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Some of the Trades Women Practiced in Early America on the Colonial Williamsburg site - Coursework Example

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Women were initially seen as stay at home mothers and normally did not work or carry out duties like men. During the time of Early America, women stepped out of their comfort zone and began to develop their own sense of self worth. Since women were expected to stay home and…
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Some of the Trades Women Practiced in Early America on the Colonial Williamsburg site
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"Some of the Trades Women Practiced in Early America on the Colonial Williamsburg site"

Download file to see previous pages Women showed that they were able to take care of their families and carry out duties like men.
1. Women worked during these situations for various reasons. Women were at home with their children while the men were off at war. Women were left with bills and responsibilities that men once took care of. The industrial and manufacturing industry needed workers to help create items for war and shops quickly began filling up with women.
2. Working affected the lives of women in many different ways. Women felt independent and no longer relied on men. Women were able to see themselves as workers who could earn money and make decisions on their own. Women quickly became use to the fact that men were not needed for survival as once thought before. Women became very busy trying to juggle work, family and household chores. Some women enjoyed all of the responsibilities while others became overwhelmed. Regardless of feelings felt, women of early America paved a way for women of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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