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Similarly, health care sector is one such department which works for the betterment of health and nutrition for the people of that country. This…
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Health care sector
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Running Head: Healthcare Sector Healthcare Sector Inserts His/her Healthcare Sector Every country has its own service sector which includes departments like education, health, entertainment and others of relevance. Similarly, health care sector is one such department which works for the betterment of health and nutrition for the people of that country. This essay will discuss the health care sector, the occupational differences, and ultimately, the labor relationship management within this capacity in an elaborated way.
The term Health care (or healthcare) pertains to the diagnosis, treatment, and forestalling of ailment, sickness, wounds, and other bodily and psychological impairments in humans. Health care is provided by practitioners in medicine, chiropractic, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, allied health, and other care providers. It denotes the activity done in rendering primary care, secondary care and tertiary care, besides public health (Premier Occupational Health Care, 2009).
The availability of services to doctors differs from country to country, groups and individuals, greatly affected by cultural and financial conditions as well as the health policies in that region. States and dominions have diverse policies and programs with respect to the health care targets of their societies in terms of population growth. In any country, the system of healthcare is established in order to fulfill the health needs and requirements of the target population and thus, the exact configuration of this system varies from one country to another (Kaplan & Esther, 2003).
Occupational differences in Healthcare Sector
Every organization possesses its own professional and occupational differences which are based on the culture of the country, organization, or on the nature of the job description. In the health care department also, there exist certain factors which are responsible for creating the occupational disparities within the jobs. Some of those factors are discussed below:
One of the factors of great importance, which usually creates occupational differences these days, includes gender. Many countries, and their business organizations, tend to differentiate between male and female worker in term of the jobs assigned to them. Besides this, the element of job segregation is also one of the major contributors on the differences between genders which have been observed in the exposure to hazards at workplace.
Both the genders have a strong separation at the place of work and they are also exhibited to be holding dissimilar positions in the hierarchal ladder of the organization. Not only this, but both the genders are subject to pay differences and disproportions in promotion levels as well.
According to several surveys conducted during the year 2010, the social welfare and health care workers have been categorized into the minor and major occupational groups. The personnel in the minor group belonged to the occupations like dental nurses, child minders, assistant nurses and dieticians; while, those in the major category of workers included the groups which were above all the categories of nurses and doctors or were known as ‘white collars’.
Within these groups, there exists a considerable extent of the wage differentials among men and women workers. It was also noticed that the professional group of minor staff comprised of a male dominated working environment. Moreover, these groups also offered high level of wages to their employees and the dispersion of wage was reasonably higher too. On the other hand, the female workers were not paid much as compared to the males (US Department of Labor, 2005).
The great difference also occurr in the major group of workers, where the health specialists and other white collar staff is comprised of male professionals with most of them appointed on higher salary packages. Thus, it has become evident from the recent studies and surveys, that, varying salaries for the same sort of jobs have also created occupational differences in the health care sector around the world in general, and in US, in particular.
Labor Management Relations
The concept of labor management relations plays a vital role in the positive development of an organization and the employees in the healthcare sector of any country. The term ‘labor management relations’ refers to the mutual relationship of trustworthiness and confidence between the employees and the administration of any organization. Through mutual trust and shared feelings, the workers and the organization move towards achieving a common goal.
In the health care sector, the occupational differences might hinder labor management relationship of any firm. The discrimination along the lines of gender and salary preferences has created a wider gap amongst the employees themselves, and also between the employees and the organization. This increasingly negative aspect of the deteriorating management of employee and organization’s relationship has caused the health care sector to decline in terms of its value and services.
Thus, from the above discussion, it is evident that the relationship between the employer and the employee is of significant importance to the goals achievement in health care sector. Any disparities among them will hinder the growth and result into consequences for the organization.
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