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The sneak and peak provision broadened the government’s powers and thus the 4th Amendments limitations on law enforcement searches were violated. Another controversial aspect is the…
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Assignment #6 the now famous former Chicago street gang member who became a Muslim in prison who critics say was among the 750 persons rounded up after 9-11.
José Padilla is the now famous former Chicago street gang member who became a Muslim in prison who critics say was among the 750 persons rounded up after 9-11.
2. According to CQR, what controversial aspect of the U.S. Patriot Act sparked bi-partisan (Democrat and Republican) opposition against it in the US House of Representatives?
The “sneak and Peak” provision in the US Patriot Act aroused controversial aspect. The sneak and peak provision broadened the government’s powers and thus the 4th Amendments limitations on law enforcement searches were violated. Another controversial aspect is the government’s ability to obtain personal records of a person without his knowledge.
3. What do critics of the aspect of the US Patriot Act allude to in question 2 (above) say about its excesses and shortcomings? In other words why do they reject it?
The critics of the USA patriot act are against Section 215, which states that the government can obtain all the personal records of a person without his or her knowledge. Controversy arises with regard to this provision because the critics believe that Section 15 requires judicial interference.
4. According to CQR, what constitutional amendment is being violated by this provision according to critics? What is right about this provision? Why is it a good idea?
CQR critics, like Beeson, point out that Section 15 of the US Patriot Act violates the 1st and 4th Amendments of the constitution by curbing the rights of interfering in a citizen’s personal data without his or her knowledge. The right in this provision helps the law to identify suspects and terrorists as soon a possible. It is a god idea because it helps in obviating terrorist acts and by taking preventive measures.
5. According to CQR, what powers do civil liberties groups accuse the Bush and Obama administrations of abusing in the War on Terrorism?
According to the CQR, such powers encompass the civil liberties related to the infringement of political and free speech rights. The Bush and Obama administrators were criticized for abusing civil liberties in the wake of their war on terrorism. The major civil liberties purported to be abused were the liberties related to free speech.
6. What international group has strongly criticized the legal basis for these actions?
The FBI and the CIA conducted an enquiry into the civil rights. The international group has strongly criticized the interference in a person’s fundamental rights and has stated that the individual rights always take a backseat and suffer due to these actions.
7. How does the Brandon Mayfield case support or reject this claim? You will need to look up Brandon Mayfield as he is not mentioned in this chapter. I recommend that you type his name into the Google search engine. Please avoid Wikipedia throughout the course.
The Brandon Mayfield case supports the claim because Brendon was arrested not after investigation, but based on the assumption that he played a fundamental role in the bombings. Brandon Mayfield case was simply linked to a bombing case without any evidence and his credibility was hampered due to the arrest. The US law did nothing to counter the harm done to Brandon’s personality.
8. Compare the case of another detainee, Mahr Arar, (mentioned in CQR but not in the chapter associated with this assignment) with that of Brandon Mayfield: How are their cases similar and how are they different? I recommend typing Mahr Arar’s name into the Google search engine.
The cases of Brandon Mayfield and Maher Arar are not the same but are more or less of similar nature, in the context that in both cases there have been challengeable arrest of individuals without proper evidence, even though Maher Arar had to suffer more than Brandon Mayfield, because of longer term period with severe mental consequences. However, in both cases the detainees were simply suspected because their names linked them to Muslim community and thus were treated as terrorists.
9. According to CQR, what early American President greatly expanded US executive power and with it the suspension of individual liberties?
American President Bush remained interested in greatly expanding the US executive powers and with it there was the suspension of civil liberties, which hampered the fundamental rights of individuals. There was an infringement on the political rights and freedom of speech of individuals.
10. According to the CQR, the most notorious wartime infringement on civil liberties occurred when and involved whom? What was the outcome of these experiences?
According to the CQR, the most notorious wartime infringement on civil liberties occurred in President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s time during the Second World War, and it had severe consequences. The Japanese people were severely tortured and their fundamental rights were ignored and several were jailed. There was a total suspension of constitutional rights. On the other hand, they too may have committed such atrocities when they captured Americans. Read More
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