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Historians long grappled with the causes for the rise of the west, and debated this phenomenon. Was modernization as experienced by the western nations inevitable Was it core western values Did the west discover a universal path to modernization - Essay Example

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Western civilization has grown to a point where the dominance of Western ideologies, economics, and materialism have spread to encompass the whole world. The essential excuse that supports this spread is the ideological political foundation of the Western world as it is now…
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Historians long grappled with the causes for the rise of the west, and debated this phenomenon. Was modernization as experienced by the western nations inevitable Was it core western values Did the west discover a universal path to modernization
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"Historians long grappled with the causes for the rise of the west, and debated this phenomenon. Was modernization as experienced by the western nations inevitable Was it core western values Did the west discover a universal path to modernization"

Download file to see previous pages There were other advantages that the West had over many of the cultures of the world. The way in which hygiene habits were developed within the Judeo-Christian heritage created a foundation that led to longevity through the control of the spread of germs. Technologies emerged through the need to develop more efficient means to use lower levels of resources, which also was the result of the development of the devices of war in order to take what would not be willingly given. In addition, the weather had an impact on the creativity and the work that was possible in temperate zones which may not have been as easy in areas that were unendingly hot. Tropical climates slow down the worker and make it more difficult for creativity and energy to be expended towards innovation.
However, one of the more central issues that have led to the rise in power of the West is the prejudice that has existed for cultures that did not meet the technological levels of the West so that it became permissible to subjugate them through slavery. Because slavery was used as a means of human capital, work became defined through the labors that most men would not have willingly accomplished. Therefore, slavery contributed to the rise of the West, the concept that some people were not as valuable as others allowing for the spread of capitalism and the emergence of industry and trade.
Despite all of the reasons that the West has emerged, the way in which it has emerged is through broadening the overall knowledge that is considered common among the members of the Western cultures. Through broader overall knowledge, innovation and technological advancements can be made through different fronts so that progress becomes rapidly cumulative. As in the example of the 18th century and then again the 20th century, when knowledge spreads rapidly and becomes common, so too does the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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