Revolutionary Antisemitism in Germany from Kant to Wagner - Essay Example

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The paper entitled 'Revolutionary Antisemitism in Germany from Kant to Wagner' focuses on Martin Luther who was born in the year 1483. He was a German priest as well as a professor of theology who was instrumental at establishing the Protestant Reformation…
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Revolutionary Antisemitism in Germany from Kant to Wagner
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The people who believe and thus identify with Martin Luther’s philosophy and indeed the teachings are known as Lutherans. He translated the Bible into the language of the people so that they could understand the Holy Book. He was also a noteworthy hymn writer as his hymns brought together different pieces of art and music with different age segments of the society. His theology basically challenged the manner in which the authority of the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church was raised (Rose 2002).

He suggested that the Bible was the only source of knowledge that comes under the aegis of divinely revealed ones. In the later stage of his life, Martin Luther became strongly Antisemitic whereby he wrote that Jewish homes should be dismantled their synagogues be burnt, money usurped and liberty ended. For these revelations and public statements, Martin Luther was hailed as a very controversial figure among a number of historians and religious scholars. Martin Luther suffered from a number of diseases and eventually died in 1546. Read More
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