Possible Reasons for Genocides - Assignment Example

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The following assignment under the title 'Possible Reasons for Genocides' gives detailed information about other reasons for genocide which could be conflicting beliefs, hatred to a race or tribe and can also be traced to a long history of family or tribal feuds…
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Possible Reasons for Genocides
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4 Could one person’s story like Ilibagiza’s represent the sufferings of a people? Why do you say so?
In the case of genocides, yes, one person’s story represents the sufferings of a people. Of course the experiences would be different and the sufferings are on various levels but when no one tells his/her story, no one would ever know. In the case of Ilibagiza, we have at least had a glimpse of what happened during the killing of Tutsis by Rwandan Hutus in 1994 because of her story.
5 If you were in the position of Immaculee Ilibagiza, would you pray for the people who have done you wrong?
If praying for those who have done me wrong makes me feel better, yes, I would pray for them. Hatred can lead to other crimes as we have discussed that it is one cause of genocide.
6 Would you be willing to forgive even those who have killed your own family? Why or why not?
Unforgiveness makes a person bitter. I want to be free from bitterness so yes, I will forgive them. I can not bring back my family’s lives by hating those who killed them so I have to look after myself and get rid of all that will hinder me from becoming a better me. Read More
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Possible Reasons for Genocides Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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