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Failure of the UN in Preventing Rwandas Genocide - Dissertation Example

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The paper “Failure of the UN in Preventing Rwanda’s Genocide” looks at a bizarre event when President Habyarimana's plane was shot down en route from Arusha for peace talks and what could then ensue was a massacre. The majority extremist Hutus rose against the minority Tutsis…
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Failure of the UN in Preventing Rwandas Genocide
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Extract of sample "Failure of the UN in Preventing Rwandas Genocide"

Download file to see previous pages The international community and the United Nations failed to prevent the atrocity when they could have intervened.
A genocide is not an accident that can happen all over sudden or without warning. It requires organization and constitutes a deliberate strategy, especially one that has been carried out by the government or state-controlled apparatus. Information on the way genocide occurs and ability the to recognize signs that could result in genocide is necessary to avoid such horror incidents. For the case of Rwanda, the signs of an impending genocide were evident, yet those who could have prevented it neglected all warnings.
The international community’s reluctance to act can be attributed to numerous interconnected multifaceted issues, such as the misguided views of Africans, peacekeeping fatigue and the bureaucratic nature of the United Nations. The United States was not ready to intervene because the events of Somalia were still raw, and they didn't we didn't lose soldiers like it in Somalia (Uvin 2001). The United Nations was also not willing to engage in another peacekeeping mission in Africa, after the protracted one in Somalia.
The second reason for inaction was due to national interests, and United Sthe rates did not intervene because they did not have any national interest at stake in Rwanda. For France, they should have prevented the genocide but rather, they facilitated it further by providing ammunition and weapons. The media also failed to report on the genocide hence there was no pressure. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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