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Outline of U.S. History - Assignment Example

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The following paper «Outline of U.S. History” describes the various periods in American history. The revolutions, wars and the problems that arose in America are clearly explained. American government’s rules and policies have also been described…
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Outline of U.S. History
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Extract of sample "Outline of U.S. History"

Immigrants from various parts of the world selected America as their destination and soon America became the most sought after the place when compared to the other continents. British colonies became a part of America soon after the increase in the number of immigrants. They began to establish churches and other spiritual places and demanded their rituals to be a part of the existing culture. Due to this factor, immigration was restricted by the natives during the 17th century.
The Indian and French wars resulted in the establishment of new colonies which in turn posed various restrictions on the inhabitants. The late 1770s were the golden period of America since America was declared an independent nation; a new nation was born after much hiatus. Though America was declared to be an independent nation, it suffered setbacks due to the continuous wars and revolutions. Independence brought in many victories as well as defeats which America managed to recoup. Alliances between France and America strengthened the relationship between these countries thereby resulting in various treaties and it was easy for America to fight back with the British colonies. If not for France’s support, America could not have succeeded in the war that lasted for almost seven years.
This was considered to be real independence and it resulted in the formation of a national government. (Smith, 1950). State constitutions were formed with many resolutions that were favorable to the Native Americans. Then the idea of Articles of Confederation sneaked into the government. The Articles of confederation created a wave of difference among the various political parties in America. Since the political parties differed in their policies and amendments, articles of confederation led to a situation where the government had to ratify the articles. The government of America was forced to implement a constitution after its independence. Due to the continuous pressure from Congress and the other political parties, the Articles of confederation was written. The need for a central government urged them to propose these articles.
Though America experienced various victories, certain policies led to various problems in the country. This resulted in Constitutional convention which aimed at resolving the issues that prevailed in America. The national government’s inability to manage the states resulted in creating problems all over the country. The government struggled to handle the protests made by the common people of America. All these contributed to the problems and it led to a situation where a sudden convention was called for. This reduced the possibility of other problems cropping up in the country.
The American government imposed various foreign policies and insisted that people must follow these policies. The wars and victories during the 1800s led to a drastic expansion of the nation. The problem of slavery continued to prevail in spite of various revolutions and wars. (Smith, 1950).Later in the 19th century, the government realized the severity of slavery and finally, the problem came to an end. From then on, there was no looking back for America has the country went through a period of complete development. Read More
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(Outline of U.S. History Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Outline of U.S. History Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Outline of U.S. History Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”.
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