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Military history of Canada during World War II - Essay Example

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This papers goal is to prove that world war two contributed to the growth of Canadian independent from its military, political and cultural point of view. World War 2 as a turning point in Canada’s history because it occasioned a very rapid development of armed forces which were deployed at home…
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Military history of Canada during World War II
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Extract of sample "Military history of Canada during World War II"

Download file to see previous pages Britain, too, came to respect the new military competence of the Canadians, especially since the Canadian forces excelled themselves on the battlefield at the end of the war. Granatstein believes that the cost of the war, both economically and in terms of Canadian lives lost, was severe, but that the war brought a much more significant benefit of allowing Canada escape British domination and take its rightful place as the nation free to make its own military and political choices. Closer collaboration with America was, in Granatstein’s view, a useful by-product of this process.
I choose this book focuses on the left in Canadian politics and explains how the sudden need for increased production in Canadian factories led to a new focus on industrial relations. Furthermore, the unions helped to increase production of military goods, including aircraft, and some, notably in the aircraft industry achieved major gains for their workers. In general, Morton states, the government did not turn its pro-union statements into action and in fact in the early 1940s when inflation threatened to damage the growing economy, price and wage controls were imposed. This strategy worked, bringing price stability and full employment. This, in turn, gave workers more bargaining power and the unions achieved greater benefits for them. The Atlantic Charter of 1941 with its aims to achieve “freedom from want”, “social security” and “fair labor standards”, was a direct result of Canadian-British wartime co-operation and had a long-term effect far beyond the immediate wartime situation. Morton describes the strikes of the immediate post-war years as a “testing of strength” between unions and managers and a demonstration that systems and processes laid down in the war years were an effective framework for the future.
This book takes a look at Canada from the cultural point of view.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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