The Development of Byzantium in the Post-classical Era - Assignment Example

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The main objective of this assignment is to investigate how did the historical development of the European West differ from that of Byzantium after the break of the Roman Empire. The writer of the assignment pays particular attention to the role of religious influences…
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The Development of Byzantium in the Post-classical Era
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Constantinople emerged as one of the main trading centers due to its location between the Mediterranean and Black seas. The religious role of Byzantium was perhaps the most important of all, as it acted as the preserver of Christianity in this area. Hagia Sofia, which became the largest church, was built in this era. It also emerged as a cultural center. Emperor Justinian brought considerable changes to the empire, which included conquering many lands which were originally Roman. A patriarch, who was also the religious leader, led Byzantium. Later on, a split occurred between Constantinople and Rome as a result of arguments which arose about the use of icons in the church and God as a trinity. The result was two main divisions; Roman Catholics in the west, Eastern Orthodox in the east. The Roman Catholics used the Latin language whereas the Greek language was used by the Orthodox Church. The celibate priesthood was practiced by the Roman Catholic Church, whereas the Orthodox Church followed married priesthood. Catholics strongly rejected secular interference. Ultimately the east became a secular state and the west preferred to be a religious empire. Slavic nation, later on, influenced the people of Byzantium to convert to Orthodox Christianity. With the passage of time, Byzantium culture merged with the Persian culture. In the end, Byzantium started losing its land mostly as a result of the spread of the new religion of Islam. Read More
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