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The writer of this paper states that in the December 1997 edition of Our Planet, Elizabeth Dowdeswell says that global leaders must work together immediately and plan solutions to fight climate change. The author insists that while its signs are not yet seen…
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The Urgent Need to Act against Climate Change
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Important to effective talks on the plans is a deeper understanding of the issue. Dowdeswell is correct that world leaders could not craft anti-climate change measures because they guard national interests and they recognize the value of the fossil fuel industry to the economies of their countries. The author tells that leaders protecting country interests resist actions to climate change if these would badly affect their economies (par. 4), and I think this is true in countries with resources that are important globally, such as the Middle East which is a world oil source. I also see that it is natural for leaders to allow the fossil fuel industry to pollute their countries and worsen climate change because their economies thrive and thus benefit from them. After all, the science of climate change is ignored and “attacked by fossil fuel industries” (par. 4). Read More
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