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Business Response to Climate Change - Assignment Example

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This paper "Business Response to Climate Change" focuses on the Shell which is a global giant in the energy sector. It is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies. Shell has operations in 110 countries across the world and has an employee base of 104,000.  …
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Extract of sample "Business Response to Climate Change"

Download file to see previous pages I’m pleased, therefore, to present you this ‘call for action’ memo on Shell’s imperatives in responding to the challenge posed by global climatic changes. Our company, throughout its hoary history of more than 175 years, has symbolised hope for millions across the world in reaching to them clean and affordable forms of energy. Yet, the dangers posed by a rapidly changing planet ecosystem, specifically the climate situation warrants urgent, affirmative and focused action. I’m presenting here, an analysis that is targeted to trigger quick actions. The memo is divided into three parts as mentioned below:
The facts above help open our eyes into the enormity of the problem. Shell is undoubtedly impacted by these massive changes being witnessed on our planet. The burning of fossil fuels is seen by one of the key contributors to climatic changes. We are an energy producing company and some, therefore, perceive us to be the creators of the problem and therefore cannot be part of the solution. I emphatically disagree with this perception for the simple reason that global energy demand has multiplied four times in the past fifty years. And, fossil fuels will continue to fulfil most of the world’s energy demands for the next fifty years.
2) Regulations are coming in fast and thick across the globe – these regulations mandate a reduction of carbon and other emissions by all industries – and Shell will be no exception. A case in the point is the ratification of the Kyoto protocol (Cook, 2003).
3) Our production processes adopt the highest levels of life and health safety measures. These will need to be tightened even more, in order to protect our employees, our customers and the community at large.
We must demonstrate corporate responsibility in greater measure – especially after the adverse downgrading of Shell on the ‘Traditional Governance Score’ by Innovest Strategic Advisors in their Integrated Oil and Gas Industry Report in 2004.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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