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This article discusses Melvin Webber's work “Urban Realms: The Nonplace Communities” addresses the ways in which a person can interact within their community. It discusses people in both their regular environments and the ones in which they actually live and communicate with their neighbors, friends…
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Urban Realms: The Nonplace Communities by Melvin Webber
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Download file to see previous pages Webber believes that a person’s work environment and the people within their work community is not their place-community, as it is only a place in which they work. Where they live and interact with people outside of work, however, is their place-community.
Though the article was written in 1964, Webber’s insights in regards to neighborhoods and neighborhood change can be applicable to the present. Webber states that communication between people, outside of the work environment, depends solely on the proximity between where the person is and where they want to go. He goes on to say that while proximity is important, accessibility to the place is another vital factor. In the 1960s, due to the lack of technology that we have now, the only way people could really communicate with friends or attend clubs or meetings would be to drive to them. There were no methods such as e-mail, text messaging, cell phones, or the perks of having the Internet, so they would have to depend on places that were close to them and within driving range. Even though this generation has every possible method of communication, many people still depend and rely on the places that are closest to them. The closer a place is and the easier it is to get there, the more likely a person will go there than elsewhere. Furthermore, as in the 1960s, in this day and age, people also depend on what they have close to them in regards to friends and companions – the closer a neighbor is, the better the relationship could be.
According to the Webber, neighborhoods change according to the times and the growth of businesses. Though people prefer to live closer to their place of employment, and the majority of them move to be closer to their businesses, their place-community remains to be the place they spend their time outside of work. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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