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President Bush and His Realistic Approach Behind Iraq War - Term Paper Example

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This paper analyses the matter of international relations president Bush in Iraq war. The paper analyses to protect the United States in the future, President Bush attempted to eliminate all possible dangers for the United States by adopting a realistic political approach…
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President Bush and His Realistic Approach Behind Iraq War
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Extract of sample "President Bush and His Realistic Approach Behind Iraq War"

Download file to see previous pages It is the belief of realistic politics that acquiring power is the ultimate interest of realistic states.
At an international stage, every state is assumed to have independence and act for the motive of power. Every state aims to expand its territory and want to gain power on the world stage by the use of force. Along with this, the security is also the major concern of a realistic state. The power is used to defend one’s own territory and to avoid undue invasion. The greater is the covered area of the state and larger is its population; the higher will be the chances for it to offend other states and acquire more resources. The history of religions is also evidence for the fact that it was the matter of believers’ interest to use power for acquiring world resources. It was considered as divine to exercise power on the others and commit atrocities.
For the pursuit of security, a state should be aware of the policies and intentions of other states in the world. In short the realistic perspective advocates for the fact that human nature is conflicting, selfish and competitive, so the principles of realism are the best for mankind to regulate social and political life. Due to the prerequisite of power use in realism, the armed forces and strategic planning are the terms that get significant consideration.
As the world progressed by globalization and industrialization, the nations moved away from the realistic principles. Still, the traditional and conservative politicians have realistic political approaches but very few of the world nations have a foreign policy based on purely realistic principles. During the pre-Bush period of rule, America had a liberal political approach and never favored direct intervention in any of country’s domestic issues.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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