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Industrialization and the Lives of Ordinary Americans - Essay Example

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In the essay “Industrialization and the Lives of Ordinary Americans” the author focuses on a number of changes in America in the 19th century. Not only did it bring in the industrialization but it also changes the lives of the Americans to a great extent…
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Industrialization and the Lives of Ordinary Americans
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Extract of sample "Industrialization and the Lives of Ordinary Americans"

The country had started as a young and weak nation with a loose association of the former colonies and a traditional economy. The country had a major focus on agriculture and it was only now that the country was able to move into mechanization. This had not only allowed for a bettered living situation for the normal Americans but also led to work available for the Americans as well. It was in 1851 that the change was very evident as the producers from various nations had gathered to celebrate the industrialization and this also led to a higher number of jobs available for the people of the country. The American economy had emerged to become one of the largest and most productive on the globe and this had led to the major changes in the society, it led to urban population growth and rural population decline. Also, the nature of labor also changes to a great extent. The cities grew and the urban areas of the country expanded fivefold. Also, there was an explosion in the growth of the big cities and the industrial revolution and its effects are seen even until the current day. Overall the industrialization has led to a large hop in the economy of the country along with the general public receiving a lot out of the changes as well. It has been a complete win-win situation for both the nation as well as the ordinary American. Read More
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