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Why did Progressive reformers believe it essential to curb the power of American capitalism Were they right - Essay Example

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The rise of Progressive Reformers during the onset of 20Th century as the state was preparing itself for WW1 significantly brought changes in American’s economical, political and social sectors. …
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Why did Progressive reformers believe it essential to curb the power of American capitalism Were they right
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"Why did Progressive reformers believe it essential to curb the power of American capitalism Were they right"

Download file to see previous pages Reformers comprised of both women and men emanating from various social classes, occupations as well as races who felt regime’s traditional attitudes were inapplicable comparable to harsh conditions, which Americans during then experienced on daily basis. This was contrary to what the then government, which through the constitution claimed to offer its citizens. During then, Americans were not only experiencing poverty due to permanent wage limit policies but also majority working in extremely deplorable conditions coupled with child labor. Therefore, social, economical and political inequalities convinced Progressive Reformers into believing their quest in curbing American capitalism was right, which I also concur with due to the then inapplicable policies whose aim encompassed protecting only the well-heeled people. Reformers in their quest to ensure welfare of the entire public, “revolted” to end inefficiencies in the central regime, corrupt political machines and improving people’s living standards. ...
because they believed that the government should be made up of the working-class people (Lecture notes, 7 October 2013).” Since, this will ensure equality in the entire state besides preventing the affluent from exploiting less privileged people, which is contrary to what they did before inception of new rules through influencing economic policies in their favor. Industrial moguls due to the regime’s laxity and numerous benefits, which they enjoyed while in their quest to augment respective profitability rates, resulted to processing poor quality products to the then unsuspecting consumers. Hence, plants exposing lives of numerous unsuspecting citizens to risks especially food industry, which supplied low quality, canned meat. This is evident in Sinclair’s book citing how plants processing meat, “…..it was the custom, as they found, whenever meat was so spoiled that it could not be used for anything else, either to can it or else to chop it up into sausage” (Sinclair 164). Consequently, revealing utter state of inhuman on the part of industrial moguls who employed chemistry tactics to process meat that had decayed. This was by rubbing meat with soda to eliminate bad odor and sell it to free lunch counters where ordinary citizens used to frequent (Sinclair 164). Consequently, this prompted to the institution of“….The Meat Inspection Act strengthened requirements for sanitary conditions in packing houses and required the inspection of meat for interstate commerce (Mooney, 71)”. The aim of this act ensured the quality of meat supplied to the consumer was of good condition besides meeting the already set standards outlined by regime. Reformers felt the state during then had to be free from any sinister influences whereby their ambitions aimed at ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Why Did Progressive Reformers Believe It Essential to Curb the Power Essay)
Why Did Progressive Reformers Believe It Essential to Curb the Power Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1487712-why-did-progressive-reformers-believe-it-essential.
“Why Did Progressive Reformers Believe It Essential to Curb the Power Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1487712-why-did-progressive-reformers-believe-it-essential.
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