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Comparing and Contrasting Life in the Colonies - Term Paper Example

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This paper discusses the colony system in most of all American and Asian continents during the time of 1700. The paper considers British colonies in America and French colonies in West Africa were two major colonies which had possessed different social and cultural life…
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Comparing and Contrasting Life in the Colonies
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Extract of sample "Comparing and Contrasting Life in the Colonies"

Download file to see previous pages Burkina Faso, formerly Upper Volta is a small, poor, landlocked country in West Africa which later became the part of French West Africa in 1896. A large number of people in Burkina Faso live in rural areas. The extended family and tribes are the basic social units. Excessive population and drought carved the people and they were compelled to move neighboring countries in search of better life facilities. If one compares the French colonies with that of the American, one can find that there existed somewhat a far better living condition in American colonies which allowed the freedom for education and health facilities for the colonists. Most of the colonies of the world faced the same problem of the wide dispersal of population and the migration of educated people to city life. The New England colonies in America gave more emphasis to education which later paved the way for the renewal of most of the colonies. The Dame school system was very common in the time of early colonial days. The one-room school is managed by a woman in her house, with a few children.
The political conditions were crucial in Burkina Faso before the conquest of France in the 1890s. The Islamic empire of Mali and Songhai ruled before the arrival of France into the scene. In Burkina Faso, political life has been controlled by a small group of educated people, military officers, and labor unions. The result of extreme poverty, political instability became a curse in Burkina Faso region. After the advent of the French administration, these political organizations and labor unions demanded political freedom. The social life was so pathetic and the vegetation was mainly depended on seasonal rain. The poor soil supports few fruit trees and crops, which were insufficient for the inhabitants. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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