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Establishment of Hong Kong as a British Colony - Case Study Example

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This paper "Establishment of Hong Kong as a British Colony" discusses the two periodicals that provide information about Hong Kong. Not just provide information but also force the reader to think about other matters. The reader is left to wonder about a country’s role in shaping another region…
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Establishment of Hong Kong as a British Colony
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Extract of sample "Establishment of Hong Kong as a British Colony"

Download file to see previous pages According to the author, Hong Kong, as a British colony, consisted of people who were dissatisfied and who did not have an adequate say in the matters of its homeland, though Britain claimed to provide its autonomy. The Chinese people in Hong Kong were dissatisfied just as people from other colonies were regardless of the fact that their colonizers had brought Hong Kong to where it was- a globally known place in which people foresee future prospects. However, there were reasons for people’s dissatisfaction. What the author brings to focus in this periodical is the fact that China, driven by its chase to bring the country together (including its lost parts), not just brought people from Hong Kong to lose their confidence in China but also to question their future standing. The author has been able to bring many points to prove this, his non-biased nature brings the incidents in Hong Kong as they were and provides the reader with a better understanding of what Hong Kong and its people went through.

The second periodical, The Legacy of The British Administration of Hong Kong: A View From Hong Kong, also by Ming K. Chan is a deviation from his first periodical. Here the author is writing in a post-1997 period discussing the impact of British Colonialism on Hong Kong. The author talks about the highly ‘trumpeted’ British contributions to Hong Kong- the rule of law, the civil service, economic freedom, and democratization. The author openly questions the true merits of the rulers and in fact, considers that the mentioned contributions are either too highly merited or beset with flaws. The author appears more biased in his opinions in this periodical where he almost rejects the idea of colonizers having done any good to Hong Kong and that whatever good was done it was done out of need.

The two articles, though written by same author, are written in different periods and they deal with two aspects of Hong Kong - Hong Kong as a British colony and Hong Kong SAR. they deal with two aspects of Hong Kong - Hong Kong as a British colony and Hong Kong SAR.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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