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The paper 'The Romance Tongues of Spain' presents fertile and luxuriant valleys which are situated between volcanic ridges, its lower slopes of which are covered with chestnut, oak, and pine. These valleys were sheltered from the sword-like winds that blew across the Pyrenees…
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The Romance Tongues of Spain
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Download file to see previous pages The final phases of the evolution of the Castilian took place subsequent to the Arabic Invasion.
In the early part of the fifth century, the Visigoths entered Romanized Spain but were not much impressed by its culture or language. They strictly followed the traditions and language of their homeland. As time went by, they began to intermarry and therefore allowed their children to learn the Roman Tongue which in turn evolved to be a kind of Pidgin-Latin. Since Latin was used as a literary tongue in that part of Spain where the Castilian speech evolved, over time became a proper language.
Three Romance or Roman languages were in the hands of the Christians in that part of Spain – in Catalonia and Argon, the Provencal, Catalan or Limousin; in Asturias, Old Castile or Leon the Castilian; and in Galicia, the Gallego.
During the Provencal – Catalan period, courts of love were held with great seriousness and proved that the art of love competed with the forces of law and religion. From the glorification of the relations between the sexes, there arose a science of chivalry which gradually spread to Castile. This fired the imagination of the Spanish mind and they came to accept and appreciate Romantic Literature. In time, all foreign languages lost their alien character and evolved from the crucible of Spanish thought- Castilian.
The Troubadour poets of Provence and Catalonia were responsible for accomplishing the perfection of rhyming verse. These songs have great musical sense and the predominant theme is –“the exaltation of love” Castilian poetry and romance was greatly influenced by Provencal and Catalan troubadours.
The Galician, a romance language that grew from the same root as the Portuguese, was nearly akin to Castilian. It is not rich in guttural sounds and has less of the Teutonic in its compositions. Galician influence upon Castilian literature ceased at an early period.
The evolution of the Castilian from the original Latin spoken by the Romans in Spain was complicated in many ways. Due to Gothic blood by those who spoke it, it was rich in aspirates and has a stronger framework than any of the other Romance languages. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Romance Tongues of Spain Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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