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The French Revolution and Nationalism - Essay Example

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This paper deals with the fact that the French Revolution changed the face of nationalism. It also focuses on the perception of nationalism before and after the French Revolution in a bid to demonstrate how it transformed the relationship between the state and nationalism. …
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The French Revolution and Nationalism
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"The French Revolution and Nationalism"

Download file to see previous pages A force that is capable of rendering a national character to any uprising or event, nationalism is a phenomenon that permeates into the very core of a citizen’s life. It does so by giving the people of a country a common platform where they can meet, interact and bond. Subsequently, this leads to a rise in the national character as these people begin to identify with each other on the basis of a language, color, race or even suffering.
Nationalism as a feature on any country’s historical or cultural climate rises to the fore as a result of threats. It is only when confronted with a threat, does a country – made up of its people and their collective sentiments – wake up and recognize their strengths. These in effect become the strength of the nation and nationalism is born. In this way, nationalism is defined, anew; every time there is suffering followed subsequently by an upheaval. As a result of this, nationalism can be called dynamic concept. This is owing to the fact that its elements change with the changing times and the reasons for upheavals. The only thing constant about nationalism is its power to bind people together as a nation and the fact that it rises to prominence only in the face of adversity. In modern times, nationalism has become a matter of celebrating everything that a nation takes pride in. This includes independence days, art, literature, music and various other symbols that are a part of the national character as a whole – elements that remind nations of its past victories and present strengths. (Voltaire, 2005)

The French Revolution and Nationalism

The French Revolution was an upheaval that was marked by the formal birth of what we call nationalism. Spanning over a decade (1789 to 1799), this Revolution had a strong socio political dimension to it. The embodiment of nationalism in this revolution arose as a matter of its ability to define the elements that would support the construction of a democratic society free of feudal patterns. This was at the behest of the citizens from every quarter of the French society, who wanted to break free of the double standards that were being imposed on their way of life in the form of the Church's intervention ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...?French Revolution (1789-1799) The French Revolution was a period of social and political changes that had a strong impact not only on France but also on Europe as a whole. The Revolution started in the year 1789 and continued till 1799. Absolute monarchy that ruled over France for several hundred years was overthrown by the common people to bring new principles of equal rights and privileges. This paper focuses on the origin and social causes of the revolution. Origin The immediate cause that led to the revolution was bankruptcy of the French government. The participation of the French...
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...upon the reconvening of the estates-general, France’s ancient legislative arm, when it became apparent that the higher class had refused to give away their privileges in the interest of saving the nation’s crippling economy. The ordinary French citizens seized this chance to force a revolution. The revolution thus got born out of a battle to attain equality and remove oppression and thus reshaped France’s social and political dimension. The French revolution served an unexpected blow to the nobles. The revolution saw the abolition of privilege and the declaration of rights of man and citizen (Hunt 62). The document of...
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How did the French Revolution influence the development of nationalism in 19th century Europe
...How did the French Revolution influence the development of nationalism in 19th century Europe? Introduction Smith (1998, p.12) argues that the French Revolution played a huge role in the advancement of Europe into modernity. The French revolution of 1789-1914 was a cultural, political, economic, and social revolution that created a new way of thinking and talking about politics, including economics, society, space, and time. The revolution was mainly based on the need for sovereignty of states and ensuring that the affairs of the nation are determined by the people...
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...The role of the French Revolution in the Rise of Nationalism The French Revolution that occurred between 1789 and 1799 was a moment of philosophical,political, and social cataclysm in the political history of France and Europe as a whole. Throughout this time, the French polity that was formerly identified as a supreme monarchy that had feudal privileges for the nobility and Catholic clergy went through drastic transformation to structures that were based on illumination principles of republicanism, nationality, and rights.1 These amendments were brought by hostile mayhem, as well as capital punishment and oppression...
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...Was the French Revolution was success or failure by 1815? French revolution d off with the desire and spirit of getting rid of the status quo, dual existence of the nationals, the privileged few and the deprived others, the subjects and the masters, the people’s elected and many more similar elements that a nation’s would desire. By 1815, the French revolution had undergone large number of changes and had seen everything. The overall standing of the revolution and its contextual existence and effectiveness can be gauged with regard to the study of the political and human rights...
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French Revolution
...major role in the social and development of the country. Romanticism majorly featured in emotion, individualism and faith. In addition to this, the social concept of romanticism emerged from rationalism and it had linked politically along with liberalism and nationalism. During this period of time, the European society got diversified into these above mentioned ideologies. Most importantly, these ideologies were interconnected with each other. Emergence of liberalism took place right after the French revolution. It plays an important role in the reformation of Britain (Johnston, 2013). This concept introduced another social concept i.e. nationalism....
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French Revolution the discussion about the impact of foreign events on France during the period 1789-1906 because it includes an explanation of the roots of numerous crises, wars, and revolutions. Furthermore, the author discusses the cultural, economic, and social changes in France during the period, as well as France’s international relations. Marisa Linton, Robespierre and the Terror, History Today, Volume 56 Issue 8, 2006 Robespierre and the Terror by Marisa Linton is a readable discourse on contemporary terrorism based on French history. The author is Kingston University’s Reader in History and has written widely on 18th-century French culture and politics and the French...
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