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The History of Ancient Chinese Dynasties - Term Paper Example

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The author states that the history of Chinese dynasties is unalienable part of the country’s past and bloodlines of Chinese rulers are also well explored. Some of the dynasties were successful and ruled for centuries; some remained at power for several years only…
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The History of Ancient Chinese Dynasties
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Extract of sample "The History of Ancient Chinese Dynasties"

Download file to see previous pages Shang society was based on aristocrats with a king on the head. He had centralized power and also was military supreme. The religion at that time was paganism and was based on ancestor worship. People were in resentment by his ruling but the king of the rival Zhou kingdom that was a part of Shang kingdom killed him.
So Zhou became the ruling dynasty (1066 - 256 BC) and that was the period of extension of the Chinese civilization. The territory that dynasty's leaders had to cover was very large so due to the poor means of communication so they had to appoint people to oversee each territory and at that time this territories began to shape into cities. The lords of the territories received their titles through inheritance. As Shang dynasty, Zhou dynasty was also an agricultural country. The religion was paganism. The main god was a god of heaven Shang Ti that at that time was called T'ien. The rulers of Zhou dynasty believed that they got their power to rule from heaven (Robert, 1999).
In 770 BC the Zhou kings lost their territories that they had accredited to their lords. The lords rebelled and defeated the capital. The new capital was formed in the farther East and the period of Eastern Zhou began. The territories became more powerful and there was economic growth even through the continuous war between the territories. This was also the time when China entered the Iron Age that had a great influence on the people living and also it helped to enhance state power. Also at the period of Eastern Zhou is famous because then was a golden age of Chinese philosophy. The most famous philosopher of that period is Confucius (Morton and Lewes, 2004: 51).
From the 4th century BC, the state of Qin began to accumulate power and to reform its administration, economy, and military. It grows stronger at the same time when the Zhou kingdom weakened and died. Soon Qin conquered seven warring states and became the ruling dynasty (221 - 206 BC). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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