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Civil War: an Important Role in the Creation of a Nation - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the causes of the American Civil. Competing nationalisms, political turmoil, the definition of freedom, the preservation of the Union and the structure of the society and economy could all be listed as significant contributing factors in America's bloodiest conflict…
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Civil War: an Important Role in the Creation of a Nation
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Download file to see previous pages The social priorities were supported by the economic development of the North which always plays a major role considered as the main indicator of future success or failure of a country. The victory of the North was supported by better banking, factories and ships, more railroads to move supplies, men and equipment, larger Navy, experienced government, larger population. Southern slaves, a large part of the population, were clearly no help, as well as weak industry and factory production. During the early period of the war, Lincoln, to hold together his war coalition of Republicans and War Democrats, emphasized preservation of the Union as the sole Union objective of the war, but with the Emancipation proclamation announced in September 1862 and put into effect four months later, Lincoln adopted the abolition of slavery as a second mission. The Emancipation Proclamation declared all slaves held in the territory then under Confederate control to be "then, thenceforth, and forever free." (Robertson, 34). This was an important political step closely connected with military benefits. Namely, Emancipation Proclamation was one of those minor reasons given the North new chances to win the war. Emancipation, eventually led blacks joining the Northern army, renewed the army forces, and allowed Lincoln to planned new aggressive military campaigns taking into account renew front-line forces. The North developed a special strategic plan to achieve several goals. First, control of the Mississippi River was secured to allow unimpeded movement of needed Western goods. Second, the South was cut off from international traders and smugglers that could aid the Southern war effort. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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