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A History of Nazi Germany - Essay Example

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The German economy was greatly hindered as Germany, after the First World War, was taking the complete responsibility of the financial loss, the lives that were lost and mass destruction, this brought down the whole country…
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A History of Nazi Germany
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"A History of Nazi Germany"

Download file to see previous pages The German economy was greatly hindered as Germany, after the First World War, was taking the complete responsibility of the financial loss, the lives that were lost and mass destruction, this brought down the whole country.The German soldiers turned to fascism as they were unable to the proper supplies for their survival after their return from war. Germany could not get any help to recover from their financial loss, after the First World War the whole world went into great depression this too was not of any help to the German economy. As a result the country turned to fascism to get its wealth and pride back.Adolf Hitler, the political leader of the National Socialist German Workers, was one of the main personalities who promoted the fascist ideas. Hitler was assisted in promoting this Nazi concept by Albert Speer. Hitler was supported by the Germans and they turned to his ideas as he promised to meet their monetary needs after the world war I. The offer made by Hitler was irresistible by the Germans and they declared him the Chancellor of their country.Hitler's government was fascist in nature which was led by dictatorship, and the dictator had absolute power, he suppressed other political parties, had control over the financial affairs and the dictator was considered to be a strong nationalist. The complete order and control of the German Government was in Hitler's hands through this philosophy. Hitler through his personal guard the SS, enforced fascism and his government hated particular groups of people and also was very racial.
Hitler joined a group called the German Workers Party in the year 1919 in the city of Munich. Within no time he became one of the seven committee members who headed the party. This party held meetings in which different issues like the threat posed by the enemy namely the Bolshevisks that is the Communists who had come to power in Russia, the areas where the present government lacked, the weakness of the government and the threat posed by the Jews who were the enemies within the country were brought forth. They also spoke about the better times before the first world war. "In March 1920 he was discharged from the army and became a professional politician. His meteoric rise had begun." 1
Hitler began operations in forming his new political party, it was renamed as the National Socialist German Worker's party which is in short the Nazi party. the party won around eight hundred thousand votes, however it was more than just a political party. it was being turned into a military force by their leader Adolf Hitler. A group called the "Storm troopers" were trained by him to act as militia at his command. The Nazi party and its troops were being supported by the past German military leaders.
In Bavaria in the beginning the Nazi party was formed and started out as a small group called the German Worker's party. The party was resisted and opposed to the Treaty of Versailles and Communism. the party came to existence and was formed by the Germans due to the humiliation they faced as they a result of their defeat in the First World War and the severe terms and regulations imposed on them by the Allies. At first Hitler joined this party as a secret agent and later became one of the most influential members of the party, as a result of his power to inspire and enthusiasm for the cause he became the leader of this small party, influencing and promoting his ideas to the people of similar ideology.

1. Carsten, Francis Ludwig, 1967. The Rise of Facism. (University of California Press: USA, 1967), 95.

This party was soon renamed as the National and Socialist German Workers Party, their political manifesto was based on a twenty five point program that was adopted by the party. it was due to their strength of their belief in the twenty five points that the Nazi's chose to take force in Munich in a coup d' etat. Despite an initial success in achieving the coup's main objective of seizing power, the coup was unsuccessful. The party seemed to be destroyed and Hitler was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A History of Nazi Germany Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“A History of Nazi Germany Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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