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The Sixties Cultural Movement - Essay Example

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The 1960s was a significant period within modern history. It could be said that it was when society as a whole began to realize that there was individual freedom within humanity, that life need not be dictated by those who controlled us that life is a personal choice. …
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The Sixties Cultural Movement

Download file to see previous pages... The 1960s was a significant period within modern history. It could be said that it was when society as a whole began to realize that there was individual freedom within humanity, that life need not be dictated by those who controlled us that life is a personal choice. It was also a time when America began seeing itself for what it is, their government policies especially their foreign policy was always based on profit and the American people understood that they needed to be more sympathetic to other people. It was a reawakening because previously during history the population could be recruited for whatever means to serve the government especially during times of war however, during the sixties many people fought and protested against war recruitment. It was a moment when humanity could re-examine themselves and their lives that society could be changed just like the efforts of the African-American people as a segregated minority. It was a time of possibility. In the 1950s America had great faith in their political system, America went to war with Korea and not many protested, McCarthyism was rampant and the people were led to believe in rampant anticommunism. From these roots of an anticommunist stance did the 1960s take place and the war against Vietnam was built on these reasons. Even within literature did the American beliefs penetrate there was a naïve impression of American anticommunism....
dictator, General The. Aside from the war policy of America against Vietnam there were

other important events that took place in the 1960s that affected the world and America

was at the center where there were many movements and protests against the formal


Science & Religion in the Sixties

There was an expansive surge on science during the sixties and if the details could

be believed, man has landed on the moon. Neil Armstrong, an astronaut landed on the

moon in 1969 after President Kennedy launched a space race between America and

Russia. Earlier on in the fifties the USSR have managed to send several dogs in orbit in

space to test whether it was feasible for man to travel there. Before Armstrong was able

to reach the moon the Russians in 1961 was already orbiting space3. It could be said that

the science of astrology and space travel during this time was reaching its all-new high.

Satellites were being sent to orbit the earth and these weren't minor achievements.

Satellites are what we use today to receive signals for our televisions, our wireless

internet, our mobile phones, we use satellite technology today almost everyday. Science

also reached its fictitious zenith where it came to the point that it could create its own

religion. The Church of Scientology was founded in 1955 by a fiction writer named L.

Ron Hubbard. In the 1960s, as all counter-cultural movement goes, it developed its own

stances to living daily life and cultures and created their own basic principles. Today,

Scientology is no longer a completely 'New-Age' phenomenon as many people and

celebrities begin to embrace its practices.

Sixties and Politics

When the settlers came to America they fought for a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Sixties: Cultural Revolution
The 1960s is the seventh decade of the 20th Century.It denotes inter related political and cultural trends world wide.This decade is described as the cultural decade than the actual decade itself especially from 1963 to1974.In America, the Sixties is a term that the journalists use to describe nostalgically the social revolution and the counter culture near the end of the decade
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In America, the Sixties is a term that the journalists, historians, and other objective academics use in some cases to describe nostalgically the social revolution and the counter culture near the end of the decade and to describe the era pejoratively as one of the flamboyance and irresponsible excess.
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Joe Orton and the Counter Cultural Movement in the 60's
Alongside, several other contemporary and relevant aspects such as the Abolishment of Censorship in 1968, the Decriminalisation of Homosexual Practice between Consenting Adults, the Second Wave Feminism, etc would also be taken into account. The life styles of the 1950's through the later 1960 have emerged as fallout of the booming economy that is represented by the generation of 'baby boomers'.
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The term 'counterculture' is a term used in sociology to refer to any social group that moves or in opposition to the values and practices of the social mainstream. There are, of course, cultural movements that run against the mainstream in every generation, but the counterculture of the 60s refers to a mass movement that had some staying power, and that truly expressed the spirit of the time.
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Tumultuous Sixties
The tumultuous sixties present a history of America’s life-changing events that saw nonviolent riots accompanied by assassinations including President John F Kennedy’s assassination. The administration in this period from 1961 to 1974 promised reforms but instead there was violence in many states of America.
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