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African slavery in the United States - Essay Example

There are several economic factors that contributed to the African slavery in the United States. Patterson (2002) asserts "Slavery was born out of economic motives. Its perpetuation was driven by economic factors, and even many efforts by abolitionists to end slavery had economic motives. Indeed, the decision to use slave labor was a deliberate, rational choice made by men who sought economic gains that were greater than what they could obtain from wage labor or indentured servitude" (para. 2). To be sure, in a capitalist system in which the promise of profit drives behavior, the institution of slavery would not have survived in America, and a war would not have been fought over it, had it not yielded an economic benefit to those who supported slavery.Three economic factors contributing to slavery included (1) labor costs, (2) labor availability, and (3) profitability. On a micro level, these factors drove plantation owners to seek slave ownership. Yet, there was a much broader economic impact from slavery. "A general scholarly consensus contends that slavery was profitable. Some scholars make the further claim that slave labor not only contributed greatly to the economic growth and development of America but also helped finance the Industrial Revolution, stimulate the rise and growth of cities and industries, and fuel capitalistic development" (Patterson, 2002, para. 3). In effect, as insidious of an institution slavery was, America likely owes much of its status as a global economic power

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Impact of slavery on the lives of african americans during the pre-civil period
Slavery as a legal institution had existed in North America for more than one hundred years before the United States was founded in 1776. But it continued in the South until the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution was passed to abolish slavery in 1865.
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State of African Americans in the United States Early 1900's
The Afro-Americans condition in 1920’s was pathetic including high forms of taxes installed on the on the wealthiest people compared to today (Dunn, 1998). Additionally, the Afro-Americans contributes to the misunderstanding of their past because of liberalism they label as bad old days, which assumes a disregard of the Afro-American past.
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History Of Slavery In The United States Of America
Slavery and kindred institutions flourish as a result of such traditions that make people feel a certain sense of marginal belonging to a community. Set in their own zones of comfort, fostered by tradition, slaves found it almost impossible to move out of their daily routines where, paradoxically, they felt a certain kind of stability.
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Reparations in The United States
As the paper, Reparations in The United States, stresses the compensation was proposed in different forms from land ownership to monetary compensations. Several scholars have expressed that, the United States government was directly accountable for the tireless inequality experienced by the African Americans.   
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Life for African Americans in the United States after slavery was abolished
“In the 19th century people did not want to talk about it. Some did not care and abolitionists, when they saw so many freed people dying, feared that it proved true what some people said: that slaves were not able to exist on their own” (Downs cited in Harris).
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Slavery in the United States
Although historians discuss the institution of slavery in terms of human rights and race issues, slavery in the United States has primarily been interpreted by historians as the economic issue that it was. Influential thinkers of the field, such as Peter J.
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African Islamic movement in the United States
This study will outline the spiritual, ideological and psychological way for tracing the course of Islamic expansion within the United States and how has the matter of race in the United States influenced the practices and the community experiences of black Sunni Muslims who conventionally see Islam as a color and race-blind religion
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Describe the reasons advanced to justify discrimination against Catholics and free African Americans in the United States until the Civil War. How did Nativists
African Americans were discriminated against largely due to their color, outspokenness against slavery, and threat to the slave trade business. Nativist
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Life under slavery in the United States
The 13th amendment in 1865 abolished slavery in USA and its border states like Kentucky that had over 50,000 slaves. Among Indian tribes, some who were from the state of Oklahoma had black slaves that were treated similarly like in other slave states. Slavery was
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Abolition of African American Slavery
According to the report various ideologies were also stated in condemning slavery by terming it as a sin and an outdated way of living. The whites were expected to resolve the issue and accommodate the blacks as full members of the American society. Slavery was also associated with denying the blacks various rights like voting.
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to the fact that slavery existed.


There are several economic factors that contributed to the African slavery in the United States. Patterson (2002) asserts "Slavery was born out of economic motives. Its perpetuation was driven by economic factors and even many efforts by abolitionists to end slavery had economic motives…
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African slavery in the United States
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