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How the growth and development of the modern American city has shaped the individual American experience - Essay Example

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Individuals of the past era deemed the old constitutional democracy to be too ‘sacred’ to be amended. In this regard, the forefathers have been associated more with wisdom than being human beings. …
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How the growth and development of the modern American city has shaped the individual American experience
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"How the growth and development of the modern American city has shaped the individual American experience"

Download file to see previous pages The American city has been coupled with an industrial revolution, as well as the development of the US capitalism. These changes are believed to have been a symbol of the end of the aged order, and marking the requirement of a novel order that would be suitable for the new industrial era. The constitutional structure should be made dynamic by encouraging tools of social change. This can be supported by scientific analysis and knowledge, as well as the improvement of administrative system of a government. ‘The simple, compact, well-join'd scheme, myself disintegrated, every one disintegrated yet part of the scheme’. Walt Whitman, ‘Crossing Brooklyn Ferry’ Whitman was a popular poetic-writer as far as relating nature and political aspects was concerned. In relation to Whitman’s (2013) statement, ‘the simple, compact, well-join'd scheme, myself disintegrated, every one disintegrated yet part of the scheme’ in a publication entitled ‘Crossing Brooklyn Ferry’, time, as well as space are perceived as important concepts that should be flexible in resolving the philosophical dilemmas. Amongst the philosophical problems that are faced by a majority of democratic nations is associated with the notion of a constitutional democracy of a given era being constrained to shape the wishes of succeeding eras. Individuals of the past era deemed the old constitutional democracy to be too ‘sacred’ to be amended. In this regard, the forefathers have been associated more with wisdom than being human beings. Attention should be paid to the capabilities of various generations despite living in different eras. However, there have been tendency of the past generation ‘voice’ being consulted for direction and help in the current democracy. A philosophical dilemma occurs when individuals related to a democratic system perceive themselves bonded to the past generation whilst at the same attempting to chart a new way (Hopper, 2013). Whitman, in his book, entitled ‘Crossing Brooklyn Ferry’, attempts to use the movement of ferry to Manhattan from Brook as a symbol on the notion of transcending time in an attempt to share sumptuous experience, as well as identity with respect to both generations- the past and future. Generally, Whitman’s poetic writing attempts to reflect on the irony of the US democracy and the continuity of the American national. 3.0 The Individual American Experiences Due To the Growth and Development of the American City Following the ending of the civil war, a large number of the US citizens shared certain beliefs regarding the function and structure of a government, as well as the government’s vital civic policies. There were a number of amendments including that of the constitution where slavery was abolished. These changes empowered the government to protect the rights of the citizens. In this regard, the revolution in America was realized not only in the Western and Northern parts of the country but also the South. The agreement that characterized the country after the Civil war was marked by values of the American founding. There are a number of differences between the approach with regards to American founding era and the new era perspectives. The dismissal of nature According to the founders, all individuals are equal, and have various absolute rights. All individuals are also expected to obey the natural decrees; however, an individual is not only regarded to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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