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Art history - prompts - Essay Example

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Name Professor Module Date Art History Stele of Naram-Sin is a 6 ?-foot stone erected in Akkadin city of Sippar during the reign of Naram - Sin. This statue was erected to celebrate Naram’s Sin victory over the Lullubi (people from the mountains in eastern Mesopotamia)…
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Art history - essay prompts
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"Art history - prompts"

Download file to see previous pages He has a horned crown that was formerly meant for the gods. This was the first of the statues as a Mesopotamian deity (Irvine 265). The gallant musculature of the limbs and powerful position cast upon him as a heroic figure. In fact, solar deities shine over him to show that they witness and acknowledge his victory. The statue’s influence continued for a thousand years later. In 1157 B. C., Mesopotamia was invaded by the Elamites from South Western Iran, and they seized and installed it in the city of Susa. Later, the city’s monument was captured and restored to its former glory when they triumphed over their enemies. Greek paintings, architecture, sculptures and other works of art are easily recognizable as the symbols of Western civilization. Western civilization is carefully constructed in the ideologies of the Greek and Romans such as democracy and power. The Zeus” 460-450 B.C, Bronze statue is nearly seven feet tall and shows Zeus a thunderbolt in one structure (Irvine 275). The sculptor demonstrates and contrasts stability of action. This artwork resulted from an absolute magnificence expressing God’s awe. The structure is made of Bronze and this means that it is firm and extends its arms without support. Hercle (Herakles) and Apulu (Apollo) from the roof of the portonaccio temple” (Veii 510-500 BC) is probably one of the most renowned temples in Rome, and it was devoted to the Etruscan gods; Menvra, Aritimi and Turan. The statue represents the competition of Hercle (Hercules) and Apulu (Apollo) for the female deer in the presence of other gods. Herakles was a demigod who killed his family in rage. In the sculpture, he must capture the golden deer that is sacred to Artemus (Irvine 287). Apullu (Apollo) is one at the rooftop of the portonaccio temple and both structures are used to celebrate the Latin culture. Christ, Monastery of St. Catherine (Mount Sinai Egypt) was made in the last stages of the 6th century: November 7th 263 to be precise. The detached Sinai desert of Sinai aided the survival of numerous monuments. One of them was an icon dated in the 6th century and later repainted for its magnificence, color and brightness. This work of art creates a link between the physical and spiritual worlds as demonstrated in the early Byzantine art (Irvine 298). The glow of the halo makes the walls back away into the backgrounds and this makes it appear as if they are creating some space for the image of Christ. The shading on the face and neck are the remains of the Roman portraiture. In addition, the combination of a steadfast gaze establishes a direct contact with the viewer. Gero Crucifix, ca 970 Painted and Gilded Wood is part of the early medieval art that best describes works of art after the fall of the Roman Empire. The appeal of Christianity for both its structure and spiritual message enforced on a disconnected society in times of disorder proved significant. The Gero Crucifix was named after the Archbishop Gero of Cologne. It has a massive presence that depicts the revolution in the Ottonian sculptors attained when dealing with conventional subjects. It was the first time the image of Jesus Christ was shown on a cross. The cross was made of gilded Oak that was shaped to capture the emotions of the event. The image is leaning forward to depict the physical strain on the limbs showing that the pain was unbearable. The features on the face show the agony that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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