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Cultures & Contexts: Spain, Analytical - Essay Example

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In this paper, I shall focus on the fact that contemporary Spaniards had been involved in controversy regarding the practice and implication of bullfighting in Spain. I agree with the fact that bullfighting is an inhuman act which leaves no different between an animal and humans. …
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Cultures & Contexts: Spain, Analytical Essay
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"Cultures & Contexts: Spain, Analytical"

Download file to see previous pages It is an evident fact that bullfighting which is termed as corrida de toros in Spanish is one of the oldest practices in the world. The fact remains that the main reason behind its evolution was an iconic display of bravery for people in the historical myths including Mesopotamia and Gilgamesh. Later in the history, regions such as Rome and Spain noted the evident practice of corrida de toros as a source of entertainment. In particular, Spain has a historical trace of corrida de toros where bulls were used instead of horses.
As a matter of fact, corrida de toros was introduced in Spain by Francisco Romero who was a dictator and ruled Spain for a long time. It was his effort that bullfighting ultimately became a part of Spanish tradition. However, in the current times, it has been noted that Spaniards are completely against bullfighting for a number of reasons. Sometimes, by conducting such events, it was also marked as a competition between humans and animals. It will not be incorrect to state that corrida de toros was followed as an entertainment mandatory at the wedding ceremonies of the royal. In order to understand the association of bullfighting and Spain; there is an avid need of going through the history. There are a number of reasons such as entertainment, competition, and services that have been noted whenever there is an undertaking of discussion regarding bullfighting. During the 19th century, bull fighting was made a form of entertainment for elites only. It rather helped them project a showcase of their bravery and power to others. (Douglass). With the implication of Franco’s ideal of bullfighting, large arenas were created where bullfighting took a complete different level of professionalism. There were certain rules that were created to make sure that the practice of bullfighting is conducted properly. At one hand, the practice of bullfighting became popular and professional but on the other hand, bans were put on this tradition. The earliest ban that has been observed in the history of bullfighting was by King Philip II who believed that bullfighting was a very disgusting act of entertainment. In fact, he stated that it is the most lethal form of blood sport. The ban was not directly posed by King Philip II but by Pope Pius V. There was an issuance of Papal Bull in 1567 which prohibited practice of bullfighting. The major term which was clearly enhanced by this ban was to save the lives of combatant from bull or any other beasts (Seufert). On the contrary, there were some of the groups who infused bullfighting as their personal interest because it allowed them to make profits on this blood sport. Herein, it should be made cleared that the profits which were being made with the help of this blood sport were only limited to few people or elites precisely. It comes clear for understanding as stated in the following quote, “Moreover the opposition against bullfighting has also been gaining political influence within the last years and celebrates as its success that 74 Spanish towns have already declared to be “anti-bullfighting municipalities (Seufert 102)”. Later on, after eight years, the ban which was imposed by Pope Pius V on bullfighting was laid off by Pope Gregory XIII. In this way, there were several occasions where bans were implied on bullfighting but after some time, they were also restored. Another famous ban which was quite effective ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cultures & Contexts: Spain, Analytical Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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