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Examine and explain the connection, both political and social, between American territorial expansion and the issue of slavery - Essay Example

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Name Professor Class Date The Social and Political State of America Introduction The issue concerning the expansion of the territory of the America and the issue concerning the slavery has largely contributed to the political and social development of America respectively…
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Examine and explain the connection, both political and social, between American territorial expansion and the issue of slavery
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"Examine and explain the connection, both political and social, between American territorial expansion and the issue of slavery"

Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, slavery affected the social development of the Americans greatly, most individuals affected were Africans, and thus slavery brought up many consequences. Generally, slavery is one of the consequences of the territorial expansion that the Americans aimed at when wedging the war against France and Britain. The main intention of the America was to stop the two countries, France and Britain, from disrespecting their territory and rights. Therefore, the war against France and Britain has resulted in the political and social development of America. After Madison came into power, he decided to declare war against the Great Britain from France and Britain had refused to respect America’s rights. The American Revolution started 29 years before the United States of America wedged war with the Great Britain (DBQ #7, DOC. #7). The Americas leaders kept quiet for a long time but France and Britain kept on stopping and seizing Americans ships and cargos, and kidnapped the American sailors. This articulated the American leaders, especially Madison, who came later into power, to declare war against them because he wanted them to respect the rights on the high seas. The Foreign Relations Committee of the House of Representatives of the United States gave a report on the widening conflict of the United States against France and Britain (From Annals of the Congress of the United States, Twelfth Congress). The report indicated that the United States claimed their right to the use of the ocean for transporting their vessels, their product, and in the acquisition of the raw materials for their industry (DBQ #7. Doc.1). Following the speech presented by John Randolph of Virginia, one of the congressman, he stated that when the people go to war they do should not just go to fight for the maritime rights but for farmland since the Gentlemen from the North have been instructed to go to the land (DBQ #7. Doc.3). Therefore, president Madison had at last to declare the war against France and Britain since they had complained but the two countries did not take any actions towards their complaints. President Madison declared that they behold the war against the Great Britain for withholding their vessels from lawful destinations and for not taking any actions on the victims of lawless violence (DBQ #7. Doc.4). On the other hand, slavery affected the social development of the Americans greatly, most individuals affected were Africans, and thus slavery brought up many consequences. Slavery in America started during the revolution of the America (Lord Dunmore’s proclamation, Virginia, 1775). Lord Dunmore continued to state that he requires people who are capable to bear arms to join his army or they will become the traitors to his government (DBQ #9. Doc.1). Most Africans became victims of slavery. Slavery resulted in deprivation of Africans to enjoy the profits of their labor and they were denied to inherit property from their parents as the white people did. The black people were denied the right to vote as the rest yet they were supposed to enter the defense force. The slaves had the determination to be free one day. According to the Letter to ministers from the Vermont Colonization Society, 1820, slaves had a right to be free and the society owned the colony of Liberia for harboring slaves (DBQ# 9. Doc.10). The African Americans also received harsh slavery treatment and as a result some of the African American citizen like Prince ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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