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How phylosophers contribute to build western civilisation - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date How Philosophers Contribute to Build Western Civilization Introduction Philosophy plays a key function in the manner people create perspective points on politics, ethics, and personal moral accountability in the sphere currently…
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How phylosophers contribute to build western civilisation
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"How phylosophers contribute to build western civilisation"

Download file to see previous pages These great philosophers are up to today greatly remembered for their work including others like St. Augustine, J. J Rosseau, and Karl Marx among many others. In this essay, only the mentioned philosophers will be reviewed; their work and the way it influenced the growth of Western Civilization. Body Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle During ancient Greek civilization, there existed an individual who was extremely well understood like an influential philosopher; he was called Socrates. In his era, he was termed a very elegant; however, extremely eccentric individual. He coined several unique philosophies all the while appearing and behaving very distinct from the normal philosophers of his era. He often dressed in cheap garments, was typically barefoot, and not at all bothered much concerning his look. This was not an ordinary feature of thinkers of his era. He not at all taught for cash; however, he made his philosophy understood simply through introducing his view in simple dialogue. People found that extremely fascinating that an individual may become one of the major well-recognized philosophers about teaching and he did not yet levy for his philosophies. Socrates was hugely recognized for his teachings on morals. He thought that if every person concentrated on being ethically correct, people could be pleased. People have regularly discovered a few of the pleased individuals have very minor; and a few of the unhappiest individuals have extra than they understand what to do with. In fact, this is not correct in each case; however, it is a common conclusion from people. For Socrates, everything concentrated on ethical and moral philosophies. A few honored his teachings whereas others were hugely upset by his philosophies. Sadly, during 399 Socrates was imprisoned for not having faith in the gods he was assumed to, which led to his capital punishment (Plato & Rowe, 2010, 54). Plato Plato was among the Socrates immense students and when Socrates was sentenced to demise, it proved difficult for Plato. He had a hard moment bearing it; he fled from his household and transformed his job. Plato turned to be a philosopher and is currently recognized as the major popular teacher of the Western Civilization. Plato established a school bestowed to tutoring philosophy, mathematics, and hypothetical astronomy. The school stayed for 900 decades. Plato permitted males and females to learn in his school in an era where females were not considered equal to males. This demonstrates how correctly over his era this philosopher was. He scripted a manuscript with his notion for “utopia” including forming some philosophical hypotheses. His hypothesis of dualism remained very influential. Dualism is a thought “that people possess an immortal soul different from their entities. Plato had faith in the hypothesis, although he existed in the eras of Greek gods where Christianity was not a regular religion. This hypothesis is not founded on Christianity; however, the hypothesis is very alike to the general declaration of many Christians. As Socrates, Plato coached an extremely clever student who turned out very popular and well recognize in the Western Civilization; Aristotle (Plato & Rowe, 2010, 67). Aristotle Aristotle was recognized for not just turning to a well-recognized philosopher and teacher; however, he as well was a scientist. Aristotle pursued Plato’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Phylosophers Contribute to Build Western Civilisation Essay.
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