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The American Army and the Reservist system - Essay Example

For many Americans, these wars have been situations which have happened earlier as well, notably in Vietnam. This paper shall seek to look at the differences in the use of reservist soldiers in the American army, before and after 1917. This analysis shall take into account the advantages that the reservist policy has had following the year of 1917 and the reasons for it. During the wars in the eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries, reserve soldiers were used in order to supplement the army’s workforce.in some situations, this ploy worked; it was never, however, a ploy that was completely successful. There were many loopholes that led to greater workloads for the professional soldiers. In the war against England in 1812, America employed its own army that consisted of a large number of regular or professional soldiers. There were also, however, reservist soldiers in the army. They were mostly employed for the purpose of protecting forts within the nation. This meant that there was a hierarchy within the army and the feudal mindsets of the soldiers in the upper echelons was prominent. This was however, one reason as to why the reservist system was not a great success at this point in history. Another point of time when the reserve soldiers were employed was the wars with the Indians during the period that stretched from 1865 to 1890.

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This paper shall seek to look at the differences in the use of reservist soldiers in the American army, before and after 1917. This analysis shall take into account the advantages that the reservist policy has had following the year of 1917 and the reasons for it. …
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The American Army and the Reservist system
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