Explain the role of the FDNY in the World Trade Center Attacks on 9/11 - Research Paper Example

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Role of FDNY in the World Trade Center Attack on 9/11. Introduction: New York Fire Department (FDNY) provides one of the most advanced and diverse solutions to fire casualties in this state. The department is equipped with advanced and developed mechanisms to counter any kind of casualty across the nation…
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Explain the role of the FDNY in the World Trade Center Attacks on 9/11
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"Explain the role of the FDNY in the World Trade Center Attacks on 9/11"

Download file to see previous pages The defining example of advancement in the process of work was noticed during the shocking incident of 9/11 in New York City. In this paper , the motto is to analyze the role played by the NYFD in helping to evacuate people who were trapped inside the World Trade center during that shocking and horrible 9/11 incident. Before discussing the role played by FDNY in the 9/11 incident, the focus is on the history of FDNY, they way they work and how their operations have changed along with the technological developments and innovation of science. FDNY: How it got its name: In 1864, after the completion of Civil War in USA, there was a movement to replace volunteer fire fighters of New York City with a paid department to ensure more effectiveness as well as professional approach in fighting with the mishaps caused due to fire. The initiative was taken by the insurance companies in New York City, because their analysis indicated that casualties in New York City due to fire were too high. Soon after their initiative, they got two major allies in this venture: the Metropolitan Police Department and State Republican Party. During the span of first 4 years, there were various trial and error methods to discover the correct working procedure for this department. In the year of 1869, three Brigades and eight Battalions were formed, and along with that there was an official training program organized for the employees of the department and most importantly a manual of instruction was designed for the officers. Besides this, there was the Metropolitan Fire Department which was responsible for prevention of the mishaps caused due to fire. However, that organization was involved in politics rather than anything else. In 1870, there was a distinct change in their operations. In their review, Calderone and Lerch mentioned that, "On April 5th, the "Tweed Charter" was passed in Albany. The Tweed Charter abolished state control over New York City. Among other provisions, it wiped out the Metropolitan Fire District, established a new Board of Fire Commissioners and the Metropolitan Fire Department became the "Fire Department of the City of New York". They also mentioned that "Most departments place the city or town initials prior to "F.D." but as a direct make over of the provision to create the "Fire Department of the City of New York", "F.D." was placed before "N.Y." on the apparatus, a tradition which lasts till today. On May 21st, the new Board of Fire Commissioners ordered the removal of "MFD" from all apparatus to be replaced by "F.D.N.Y.". (Calderone & Lerch). Argument for the Paper: The main argument for this paper is to find out whether the role played by FDNY during the 9/11 incident was solely important for helping and rescuing the affected people or not. To find out the importance of the FDNY in the rescue operations, the most logical way is to analyze their role critically; assess their movements during the incident in view of several authors and also to study the counter argument placed by different authors. Role played by the FDNY Department in the Rescue Operation: There are several reports associated with the role of FDNY during the shocking attack of 9/11. The FDNY played an important role in the evacuation of the twin towers that were affected in New York City. After the American airlines crushed the north tower of world trade center, a precautionary announcement was made to the people of the second tower to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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