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American Revolution. Events in American Revolution - Essay Example

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Revolution is usually defined as a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favour of a new system. Revolution also takes place with desire for independence. There are thinkers present in every society who give direction to the thought process of the society…
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American Revolution. Events in American Revolution
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Extract of sample "American Revolution. Events in American Revolution"

Download file to see previous pages Born in every era they shape the history of the country. American Revolution was guided by many such people who led the revolution from the front and made it successful. However the events that trigger the revolution are merely momentous and act as a trigger. Reasons for revolution get accumulated over a period of time. The societal unrest reaches its peak. Any event that occurs after that triggers the change that has been so desired. The causes that led to American Revolution were many. As we look back we see them as many dots which could be connected now to make the event logical. Social Structure of American society at the time of Revolution - American society at the time of Revolution was divided into multiple classes at the time of revolution. While some of these classes participated in the revolution, there were also others who were dissociated from the revolution by virtue of their social status. There was nobility from England members of who were self-made land owners in America. They were resourceful and wealthy. Tradesmen, merchants and land owners looked at freedom of enterprise for expansion and growth. This was growing middle class and was an active participant in revolution. The lower strata comprised workmen, indentured prisoners and Indians. This lower stratum did not really care about revolution as they were unable to relate with the new found freedom and were not expecting the change in government to bring about change in their lives. World over rise of leadership for revolutions and rebellions has always been through middle class. American Revolution was no exception. Leaders from this class were enlightened by thoughts of leaders of French and European revolutions. They yearned to bring about same changes in American society as well. Rule of British Parliament - Parliament of Britain thought of America as a colony, one amongst many they ruled. Naturally they wanted to impose their rules and regulations over America. Although Britain had emerged victorious in French and Indian War, her economy suffered badly. Wanting to recover a debt-ridden economy, Britain demanded more revenue from colonies. Even if French were defeated, the colonies did not trust Britain for their protection. Series of Acts - From 1763 to 1769 Britain passed series of legislation imposing new taxes on America as a colony with the primary motive of generating more revenue. Some significant acts passed were as follows: Sugar Act (1764) – increasing duties on sugar imported from West Indies Currency Act (1764) – banning American assemblies from issuing paper bills or bills of credit Quartering Act (1765) – colonists to feed and house British soldiers. Stamp Act (1765) – direct tax imposed on marriage licenses, playing cards, newspapers etc. the revenue generated from this tax was meant for colonies to pay for their defence. Townshend Acts (1767) - colonial officials were given independence to impose their own taxes apart from the ones that are already imposed by British parliament. This independence further incurred taxes on glass, tea, paper etc. These taxes created unhappiness and furore in American society and were viewed as unjust and uncalled for. These acts severely restricted freedom of enterprise shrunk the size of profits or revenue earned and along with that came additional burden of feeding and housing British army. This resentment kept boiling for more than seven years and finally erupted into a revolution. People in America viewed themselves as citizens of New World and they strongly demanded that they should have legislative authority to decide what is best for them. According to them these acts were merely for additional revenue generation without consideration of people on whom these acts were imposed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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