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Poverty and Welfare in America - Essay Example

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Name: Professor: Subject: Date: Poverty and Welfare in America The documentary Poor Kids is taking a reflection of poor children living in the crossroads amidst the border of Illinois and Iowa, and it does look into the lives growing up under poverty in the state of America…
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Poverty and Welfare in America
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"Poverty and Welfare in America"

Download file to see previous pages She says that many a times they miss food and it at tall they have something to eat; they skip the meals to accommodate the family income. Tyler 12, her brother says that they do not get balanced diet. They often take cereals without milk. They is a case that is only possible in a situation where there is no sufficient family income to support proper nutrition in the family. Children sometimes are forced to do odd jobs to supplement on the little family income (Becker, 187). Kaylier and Tyler’s mother struggle and most of her earnings cannot even pay for their monthly expenses. Their mother, Barbara earns $ 1,480 a month. Out of this amount, $ 1,326 goes to the rent and their monthly utilities leaving them with an amount that can barely take care of their meals even for one week. Kaylie therefore sees the struggle and the toil of his mother. He therefore opt to collect cans for a price to supplement on their income to at least sustain them. Kaylie miss school so much because of the condition and the situation their family is in. he does not get enough time to concentrate in school. Worst of it, he does not even go to school regularly due to their family financial strain. The poor state of families springs fear in children because when they cannot pay their bills, it bothers them because they can become homeless and continue in the worsened state of starvation. Brittany, a 9-year-old girl reflects and remembers prettily well how her father lost his job. This condition set the beginning of their problems. They started hoping from relatives to relatives who could not cordially accommodate them due to their equal financial constrains. The tragedy that befell their father saw them into loosing most of their property. Rodgers, Brittany’s brother reflects regretfully how they were feeling good. They could pay their bills and afford their meals: the course meals a day, to a position where they are left homeless with nothing to eat and nowhere to stay. In poor kids, it come to the knowledge of the family that Brittany’s mother was expectant and she goes into a wonder how they would manage to care for the infant when they could not even manage their bill (Becker, 139). This is a situation, which their mother responds to with, the assuredly of survival: adapting to survive in the midst of difficulty without hope of a better life. The prevailing situation in America according to the movie warrants the government to expand its programs of helping the needy and its poor citizens. It bits logics when citizens are going hungry in the same state with a government of the people and for the people. It is the responsibility of the government to ensure that its citizens get sufficient food. According to the documentary, children are unable to go to school because of the financial constrain of the family. By expanding the welfare that helps the needy, because by investing into the education of children, the nation promotes its future. The government invests into its future asset just by educating the children a government that does not invest in the well being of everybody risks the future prosperity. According to the views of Yuval and Irwin, the welfare state has grown obsolete. The government cannot effectively take care of its people. This is because the economy of the country is strained to an extent that the government of the day cannot meet its expenses. Every citizen depends on the taxes that are paid to the government. This overdependence makes the government to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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