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Question for international relations theory - Essay Example

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Is globalization simply imperialism by another name? Introduction According to Reich (1998, p.5) globalization is a process through which the activities done in one part of the world affects people on other parts of the world. Since the introduction of globalization, many social, economic and political changes have taken place at different parts of the world…
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Essay Question for international relations theory
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"Question for international relations theory"

Download file to see previous pages Robinson (2003, p.12) has pointed out that globalization helps the world to develop transnational capital. It is often said that global wealth is currently shifting from less heavily populated American and European regions to the more heavily populated Asian region because of globalization. According to Lieber and Weisberg (2002, p.274), globalization helps people all over the world in the creation of a stronger and stable world. Supporters of globalization believe that globalization benefits the world through the promotion of such ideals as human rights, democracy, and freedom and that it enhances the success of the world through free trade, free investment and better technology. According to Dharam Ghai (2003) free market and private enterprise are extremely important in determining the success of globalization. Cross-cultural businesses have been increased a lot as a result of globalization. Imports and exports between different countries were also increased because of the liberalized rules affected in many countries as part of globalization. Despite of all these arguments in favor of globalization, some people believe that globalization is nothing but imperialism. It should be noted that imperialism is the process of taking over of a weaker nation by a stronger nation (What is imperialism, n.d.). Critics of globalization believe that capitalist countries like America and UK are trying to loot the wealth of developing and underdeveloped countries in the name of globalization. Globalization is labeled as Americanization by the opponents. They pointed out that instead of globalization, glocalization is necessary for a country to progress properly. It should be noted that glocalization is the process of integrating of local markets into world capitalism. It refers to a concept in which individual, group, organization, product or service upholds the local standards even while operating internationally. Critics do believe that America and its allies are trying to destroy local parameters and cultivate American parameters across the world. In other words, they do believe that globalization is nothing but imperialism in another form. From the above discussions, it is clear that there are many arguments in favor and against globalization. This paper critically analyses these arguments with the help of three prominent international relations theories such as liberalism, realism and the neo-neo debate. Liberalism and globalization Even though the core principle of liberalism is one and the same, plenty of different thoughts are there. Based on the nature of these thoughts, liberalism can be classified as classical liberalism, progressive liberalism and liberal democrats. Classical liberalism and globalization Classical Liberals promote self-interests, association and incentives. They do believe in individual freedom and their activities are highly motivated by freedom and liberties. They give importance to the rights and freedom of others and respect the activities done by others (Dolhenty, 2003). Individual freedom and liberties are stressed by classical liberalism. It advocates private property. It believes that owing private property is an individual right as far as the means used to earn the property is right and legal. Individuality and freedom were the most important essentialities for human life as per classical liberals. Free trade is considered as the brain child of classical liberal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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