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Infantilization - Essay Example

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Recent Moral Infantilization in the World Politics Instructor Date Infantilization refers to the manner in which a person treats a youngster in a way, which denies their maturity in age or experience, and politically it refers to when superpowers deem other countries incapable of handling a situation…
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Download file to see previous pages This was an act of extending the legacy that was set by the Sykes-Picot treaty whose main intention was allowing them to govern the Muslim nations from far (Russo, 2013). However, this move did not go well for both Obama and Cameron as their nations as well as other world leaders such as Russia outright rejected their intentions; consequently, the west still is in dilemma on what best to do with the case in Syria. The geographical regions of the Persian, Arab and Turkish world that were set in 1917 have little resemblance with the current situation. The collapse of Ottoman Turks 400-year rule left an impoverished and backward Egypt, Arabia and Syria in which the current Palestine was a Syrian province. In contrast, the Arab nations are draining the western world coffers with the sale of millions of oil barrels. This has given them an economic capability to purchase the most advanced weaponry that rivals that in the western countries, and this has made these nations from the era of the Sykes-Picot treaty to be military upright. Consequently, it is not clear why the Arab nations cannot make use of these arms to topple the tyrannical and homicidal leader like Assad. This shows clearly that the western nations have over-extended their patronage to the level of moral infantilization. If indeed the photos of the gassed children were something concrete to go by, the same reaction would have been elicited in Cairo, Riyadh or Istanbul. The silence of the leaders in the Muslim world indicates differing approach to world conflicts, and the same has been echoed by Chinese and Russian nations when they advocated complacency in dealing with the Syrian allegations (Russo, 2013). The use of Tomahawk missiles would bring solution to a government under the threat of being toppled by rebel groups. It will only make the problem worse for a war ravaged and decimated country. The western countries should allow the Arab nations to speak and solve their problems independently as no military intervention can address these issues. The whine of cruise missiles should not be used as a precautionary tactic by the west as this creates the need for the Arab worlds to arm themselves in readiness for retaliatory attacks. To overcome these tribulations, the Arab world has to develop a loud moral voice to silence the western nations, and in this way, they will be in charge of their destiny while achieving peaceful resolutions. After the death of Kim Jong II’s the western media displayed footages of people crying, which in a way was meant to be negative publicity since it was possible to show people praising his leadership. Thus showing the North Korea populace in emotional distress was just meant to further the infantilization of the nation. This has created a situation where the current regime appeals are to emotions of already infantilized people. This culture has helped North Korea to weather down the economic crisis and to improve the loyalty of its citizen (Kivima?ki, 2012). The North Korea media recently released stamps commemorating Kim Jong II former North Korean leader who would have turned 72 if he were still alive. The stamps showing the deceased leaders as a child indicated stern and creepy motives, and this move was part of a larger plan to continue infantilizing Kim after his death in the late 2011. In the same light, the state media has continued to play Kim’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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