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Author Tutor Course Date How did non-European perceive their European visitors and vice versa? The Asian countries at first fiercely rejected the European invasion of their countries. The resistance was from the stateless people of Western Europe and the settled agrarian states of southern Asian continent…
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Columbuss arrival
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"Columbus's arrival"

The history of Europeans colonization of Asian countries began as early as the 1500s. Some of the colonizing countries include Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, the Netherlands and France. Some of the countries colonized by Europeans include Vietnam, Philippines, India, china, Indonesia and Singapore. There are varied reasons why colonialism was at its peak between 14-19th century. Historians have identified the motives as ranging from economical, cultural and political. Some of the political motivations for colonialism include the need by European countries to expand their territory, increase military and national pride or acquire status as a world power. As different empires started acquiring new colonies in Europe, countries such as France, Spain, and Great Britain expanded their territory in neighboring lands in order to gain more world status and power. As a result, France and Great Britain looked for colonies in Africa, North America and Southeast Asia. Spain conquered South America and Philippines (Tewari and Alvarez 154-160). There were also various economic motives behind colonization. Some of the motives include the desire for international trade, commercial enterprise and scarce raw materials. For example, many European explorers were looking for spices or valuable metals. The colonizers obtained resources from the colonized countries at low prices. As a result, the colonizers improved the economic status of their home country. This was without any regard on the societal implications of their activities on the colonized countries. Finally, there were several cultural reasons that necessitated the European colonization of countries in Asia, Africa or America. Nita etal coined the term ‘White Man’s burden’ to refer to the notion held by colonizers, who believed their culture as better than that of colonized people. The European countries also viewed indigenous cultures as having inferior and immoral beliefs. This made European to force religion particularly on the cultures of the colonized (Tewari and Alvarez 154-160). Has colonialism been a good or a bad thing? The amount of time spent by the different European countries in the Asian countries differed. The impacts of colonization varied from one colony to another with time. In order to understand the influence of colonization on the different countries, the essay will examine three major eras of European colonization of Asian countries: Great Britain that colonized India from 1633-1947; Spain that colonized the Philippines from 1550-1898; and French, which colonized Indochina from 1859-1984. Historians have explored the three types of colonization because they were the largest and longest European settlements in Asia. The three colonial powers are valuable since they each created a historical and cultural impact on the colonized countries (Tewari and Alvarez 154-160). Economically, the colonizers exploited the Asian countries of their raw materials and natural resources. The colonial supporters viewed colonization as beneficial because it led to modern economic and technological growth within the colonized countries. For example, the French colonial rule constructed irrigation systems making it possible for Vietnamese to increase the amount of land under rice cultivation. The Britain constructed railways, irrigation systems and promoted the establishment of cash crops such as tea, coffee and silk. In Read More
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History paper: an argumentative essay supported by specific evidence derived from readings and lectures. It must consist of an argument (thesis statement), be supported with concrete and specific evidence and include a conclusion or brief summary
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