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Settler Colonialism - Essay Example

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This essay stresses that the quest for power led to immigration of settler colonialist into foreign lands. History records immigration and eventual settling of various groups of people in foreign lands. The immigration of these groups into foreign lands involved military invasion…
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Settler Colonialism
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Extract of sample "Settler Colonialism"

Download file to see previous pages From this study it is clear that the invasion by the European colonialist gave birth to cultural changes. Many native settlers adopted the colonial culture, ushering new era of modernity in the society. Colonial master used forceful methods to rule the natives, thus changing the administration systems in the society. Largely history records the contribution of settler colonialism in immigration of people. The intention of this paper is to evaluate the contribution of settler colonialism in history of immigration policy in United States and Australia. The introduction of immigration policies by colonial masters brought the following changes in the society population, socially and economically. Colonialist invaded many countries using the super military powers and influenced the lives of the native settlers. Settler colonialism entails internal and external colonialism. The two aspect of settler colonialism affected immigration policies in countries such as United States of America. European settler colonialist who came into the United States changed the social system of the society. Immigration is a process where an individual leaves his native land to settle in a foreign land. The intention of immigration includes search for better climatic conditions, land for agriculture or business. Settler colonialism refers to a situation where a foreign nations invade, conquer and a rule a foreign territory. Settler colonialism is an act that runs throughout human history; the difference lies in the manner and period in which settler colonialism took place. Colonialism involves leaving a native country to settle as a conqueror in a foreign land. Settler colonialism fostered colonization of foreign land by establishing their rule and settling in that land. This process of settling and establishing colonial rule contributes to immigration policies, which favored the colonialist as the legitimate landowners. Largely, colonialist are immigrants who have conquered a foreign land and established their policies. Several historical facts illustrate settler colonialism and its effects to immigration. Upon settlement of settler colonialists, the native lost their legitimacy in the society. In 1848, United States of America waged a war with Mexico leading to the conquest of some part of Mexico.
As the paper highlights history records that this action of United States led to change in boundary of the two nations. The entry of the Mexican people to United States territory was through settler colonialism. Today many Mexican immigrants still believe that they existence in the United States of America was not by choice, but through conquest. Largely, the conquered groups had no choice, but to be adherent to the policies and social systems introduced by the settler colonialist. History reveals that the United States used its military and political power to influence the signing of the Guadalupe Hidalgo treaty. Arguments against signing of the treaty indicated that the intention of United States was to usurp the natural resources found in Mexico. Notably, the argument is true. Industrial revolution in the United States led to the arrival of the first Asians in Hawaii. The Asians came under the auspice of Royal Hawaiian Agricultural Society and occupied land through the assistance of the settler colonial process in a period when United States was under siege of British colonialist. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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