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Book Analysis for the book I, Che Guevara - Essay Example

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I, Che Guevara John Blackthorn Book Analysis - XXXXXXXXXXX In the turbulent times post World War II, Central and Southern American countries were looking at new ideals and isms to establish themselves when they got their most charismatic leader in Che Guevara…
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Book Analysis for the book I, Che Guevara
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"Book Analysis for the book I, Che Guevara"

Download file to see previous pages Ernesto Guevara used the word as ‘comrade’ because he was deeply influenced by principles of Marxism. He was responsible for ending rule of then ruler Batista and was commander of his guerilla warfare force. He played key roles in government where he advocated his policies designed for welfare of people. He had travelled across countries in his younger days which he chronicles in his diaries. This travel brought him closer to people, which helped him understand their problems, poverty and life. His revolution extended to Bolivia where he met his end in a military execution. His ideology, philosophy, his deep love for his country and his martyrdom has made him a hero worldwide. His life and death are viewed as an enigma and his love and selfless efforts for the betterment of his people makes him the most revered revolutionary so far. Che was executed in Bolivia in the year 1967 at the age of thirty-nine. Military officers and leaders present in Bolivia during the time remember him to be very intelligent, calm and charismatic although his appearance was ragged and dirty. The book ‘I, Che Guevara’ starts from the day of execution of Che. This is a history based political fiction presumes that Che was not executed on October 9th, 1967. He disappeared only to reappear as an old man who has travelled across to spread message of revolution among people. He appears in coastal villages and starts having intellectual conversations with inhabitants, eventually bringing them together to form a political party. Author John Blackthorn has successfully established the premise in the book. John Blackthorn is an alias Gary Hart took up for writing novels. Representing Democratic Party he was elected as senator. Later he was a front runner candidate for Democratic Party for presidential elections. However he had to withdraw his nomination because of his alleged extra marital affair with model Donna Rice. He withdrew from active politics only to return as consultant on national security. He has authored and co-authored many books under his alias John Blackthorn. His active role in government when he was elected helped him considerably while writing his books. ‘I, Che Guevara’ although a political fiction, is reflection of Hart’s creativity and understanding of international affairs, which makes the book an interesting read. History does not have ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ and yet when we look back and reflect on the subject we find several dots to connect to make a complete picture. Che Guevara or Ernesto Guevara appears on the scene as Ernesto Blanco. Although he is old and white haired he still holds a charismatic personality and engaging talks. He travels throughout his country to find that there is no or minimal change in people. He hides himself from soldiers and military for a considerable time and when he realizes that people have nearly forgotten him then appears on the surface. The plot revolves around Che’s resurfacing, his bringing of people together in yet another revolution and leading people from the front. What do you think about Revolution in Cuba? I said. What revolution is that senor? They said. What revolution is that? That’s the revolution to save your skinny little ass! I said. Oh senor, they said, there is no revolution in the world that can save my skinny little ass. 1 There is an entire generation who gets inspired by Che’s fiery speeches and fights revolution shoulder to shoulder with him. However when he wants to question people about any such revolution, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Was Che Guevara a true hero
...traveling and depended mostly upon the hospitality of the people they met on their way. Both Ernesto and his friend maintained diaries. The account of the incidents taking place that Ernesto kept in his diary later became the phenomenal book by the name The Motorcycle Diaries. This book is far from being the diary of a revolutionary famous by the name Che Guevara. The records give accounts of the first-hand experiences of a twenty-three year old medical student and exuberant observant with an eye for detail in his six month long journey with a twenty nine years old friend across thousands of miles. The transformation of Ernesto Guevara...
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Book Analysis. I, Che Guevara
...was a true revolutionist because of this participation that he made. I can only become a revolutionist through engaging myself in activities that will lead me to fighting on behalf of others so that they may achieve their rights and live in harmony. Otherwise becoming a revolutionist takes heart and not many people would really give fully towards others benefits. Work Cited Anderson, Jon Lee. Che Guevara: a revolutionary life. New York: Grove Press, 1997. Print. Blackthorn, John. I, Che Guevara: a novel. New York: W. Morrow & Co., 2000. Print. Blackthorn, John, and Inc NetLibrary. I, Che...
8 Pages(2000 words)Book Report/Review
Che Guevara By John Blackthorn a political thriller, and in my own opinion, it is a nice book into understanding the revolution movement in Cuba, and its leaders. These are people like Fidel Castro, and Che Guevera. The author manages to explain efficiently the Federal Movement initiated by Ernesto Blanco, and why such a movement was a threat to Cuba’s two leading political parties, that is the Cuba Socialist Party, and the Free Cuban Party . There is a great connection between the novel, and what I have read in books and newspapers. For example, Cuba was a subject of American foreign policies. The US placed lots of embargoes on Cuba, for purposes of forcing its leadership to align itself with the...
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John Blackthron, I, Che Guevara
...?I, Che Guevara Blackthorn John December 4, I, Che Guevara- Book Analysis I Che Guevara is a fictional book that shows a historic period of Cuba. The book is a gripping and unusual political thriller of contemporary Cuban politics and Cuba-US relations. The book starts up with a strange man appearing in the rural towns around Cuba mysteriously advocating for his new kind of politics that he call the True Republic, a form of direct policy. Through this, the elders begin to doubt the identity of the strange...
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Che Guevara
...The Cuban war culminated the overthrow of Fulgencio Bautista's government and the ongoing implementation of social and economic programs by the new government since the overthrow of the Batista government, including the implementation of Marxist policies. One of the popular advocates of the Cuban revolution is Che Guevara and he is considered the key figure in ousting Batista. Just like Hitler, he used art to propagate information. He created Radio Rebelde in February 1958 which broadcasted news to the Cuban people. This became the medium of communication between the rebels and also a medium in recruiting more rebels. Che also chronicled his own actions and he published his versions of Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War... which...
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Ernesto Che Guevara dela Serna
... Ernesto "Che" Guevara dela Serna Regarded as one of the foremost icons in the popular culture, Ernesto "Che" Guevara is a Latin American guerilla leader and revolutionary theorist, who is deemed a hero by the emerging leftist radicals in the 1960s. However, other believe that Che Guevara is nothing more than a secular terrorist who has a tendency of violently executing opponents standing on his way of achieving true economic and social equity. This paper focuses on the life of Che Guevara as well as his actions and movements that helped shape history. Biographical Overview Ernesto Guevara was born in 14 June 1928 in Rosario, Argentina to an upper-class family of mixed Spanish, Basque and Irish decent with leftist leanings... the...
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Ernesto Che Guevara, Latin America
...; to him, the party remained "two-faced and hesitant, to say the least." And indeed, by May 1967 he had heard nothing from it except, he told Castro, that it had expelled from its ranks those youths who had joined his band. Nor would he hear from it further. Finally, after ‘CheGuevara’s death and far from Castro, Kolle became bolder, telling the press in February 1968 that "we did not invite Guevara; we did not suggest Bolivian territory as a field for his revolutionary operations; nor did we make any commitment except to express our solidarity when the movement had already broken out” (Anderson 234). I suppose that personal example and charismatic abilities possessed...
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Annotated Bibliography Che Guevara
..., from : Abstract: The article presents an analysis of Che Guevara's foco theory, of the model of guerilla warfare and synthesizes the main events and preceding theoretical concepts, which led to the creation of Guevara's model. The author holds that there is a long and fruitful discourse between Marxism and Guevara's writings as well as between foco theory and contemporary Cuban politics. Academic analysis of the roots of Cuban Revolution demonstrates the roles of sierra (guerillas) and llano (urban rebels) in dethroning Batista. Furthermore, the...
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Che Guevara Speech
.... In fact, Lenin's words, that 'Imperialism is the highest stage of Capitalism', had turned a reality now. This paper attempts to explore CheGuevara's speech in the General Assembly, called 'Colonialism Is Doomed'. Che's speech outlines the various ways in which the countries of the Third World, have experienced the onslaught of Capitalism, in the form of Colonialism, and today, we can see the occurrence of Neo-Colonialism. CHEGUEVARA'S SPEECH CheGuevara, the Argentine Marxist revolutionary, gave a speech in the United Nations ...
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Che guevara
...Che Guevara The movie ‘Che Guevara’ is a thematic cinematic depiction of a legendary journey that Ernesto Guevara undertook in 1951 from Argentina to Venezuela. It is an illustration of Guevara before rising to the fronts of fame and before becoming history. According to the director of the artistic work, the movie revolve around viewing the ‘young man‘who rises to be a mythical icon and a hero of his time. The movie runs all through the eyes of a dual edged symbolic figure; Ernesto the youngster as well as the legendary revolution figures of his time. Right from the onset of the movies, much is perceived of the ‘trickster’ nature of...
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