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Fear of Communism Created In the Film “The Atomic Cafe” Through US government propaganda shorts from the 1950s, the film, “the Atomic cafe,” portrays how successfully the government created a climate of fear toward USSR and communism…
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Fear of Communism
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"Fear of Communism"

This notwithstanding, there was outward restriction of civil rights among the population, without any justified reasons. However, the government by taking advantage of the situation manipulated its own people, denying them of their rights, in the name of fighting communism. Immediately after the bombing of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki towns of Japan, the Americans went into a celebration. They had won the Second World War, which meant that there no more fear of attacks from the allied nations. Surprisingly though, the Americans did not know that this was the beginning of another war, the cold war between the capitalists and the communist states. With America supporting capitalism, proving to its citizens that the communists and the USSR were enemies was important. Subsequently, after the bombing, Russia started assembling its own atomic bombs in readiness for attack; the US government took this as an advantage, instilling fear and anarchy among the Americans on the impending strikes on the US soil by the USSR. Indirectly, the government, through the media, created scenes and reports aimed at worrying the American citizens on the effects of atomic bombs on its people. With the government pledging protection of its people from any form of attacks from the enemies, it embarked on the development of more powerful weapons, such as the hydrogen bomb. Scenes like the evacuation of the people in the Bikini region to pave way for the testing of nuclear weapons indicated that the course the war was taking a rather different course; the possibility of a more intense and deadlier war was imminent. The government was keen at pinning this on the communism and USSR. The use of pigs to test the effects of nuclear on the human skin (as they biologically share similar compositions with humans) further indicated the determination of the government to develop weapons, lethal enough to suppress the power of the enemy. The activities taking place then, having received intensive media coverage, were enough to make the people support government’s efforts on the fight against the USSR. Not only did the government show increased concern for the people’s safety through protection, it also taught them defense skills. For instance, during the testing of these bombs, soldiers hid in tunnels as a way of protecting themselves from the radiations. Of course, this could not have offered them adequate protection to the soldiers. Additionally, when the wind blew the radiations into town and other dwelling places, the government advised people to remain in doors at least an hour to avoid any contact with the radiation. These events occurred under the watch of the public, as everything took place on live radio stations. The government, by advertising every planned event on live radio was an indication of the depth of the matter. Did the government really have to keep people in doors for that long in order to test their bombs? The biological effects of the atomic bomb that created heightened levels of fear to the people, more than anything done then could. Its impact on the Japanese people then, as well as the projected long term effects on the future generations were enough to make people panic. Images of the billowing smoke on the sky Read More
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Fear of Communism Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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