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How did the 1970's oil crisis affect the US SAUDI relations ( in other words what does the 1970's oil shock tell us about the U - Essay Example

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HOW DID THE 1970'S OIL CRISIS AFFECT THE US SAUDI RELATIONS? Institution Date Introduction The diplomatic relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia is a historic one. Commencing even before the onset of the Second World War, the relationship between the two countries has continued to flourish for decades…
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How did the 1970s oil crisis affect the US SAUDI relations ( in other words what does the 1970s oil shock tell us about the U
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"How did the 1970's oil crisis affect the US SAUDI relations ( in other words what does the 1970's oil shock tell us about the U"

Download file to see previous pages On her part, the United States was in need of quenching her thirst for oil which Saudi Arabian offered (Frum, 2000,76). However, the relationship between the two countries was not based on equality principles, making the United States refuse to honor some parts of the agreement. This was especially when the congress ordered the government to stop the supply of weapons for fear that they would be used to launch attacks on Israel. This act coupled by direct financial and weapon aid to Israel angered many oil producing countries. The resolution was to punish the United States through the oil embargo. This gave Saudi Arabia an opportunity to demonstrate its competitive advantage over the United States. Though the embargo would later be lifted after negotiations with King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, it brought changes in the way the two countries would relate in future. To the United States, there was need to review the way it related with other nations. The resumption of the relationship with Saudi Arabia was to be based on equality, respect and mutual benefits. The United States would also act as a mediator for peace in the Middle East instead of appearing to foster the aggression against Palestine by Israel. Great personalities such as Yamani, Ahmed Zaki and Ali Al-Naimi were imperative in shaping the relations between US and Saudi Arabia (Robinson, 1989, 87). History of the US-Saudi Arabia relationship and causes of the oil crisis The relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia is deeply rooted. Its history dates back just before the commencement of the Second World War (Ian, 2004, 87). With the realization that Saudi Arabia had a huge reserve for oil, the United States was willing to do everything possible to cement its relationship with this country. Saudi Arabia had a competitive edge that many countries in the Asian continent did not have due to its resources in oil. Its importance was demonstrated when President Franklin Roosevelt ordered protection of Saudi Arabia (Hammes, 2005, 98). While this could be described as an ulterior motive since the country wanted to benefit from oil, this act assisted in cementing the relationship between the two countries. In addition to that, the United States with its engineers began the construction of military bases, infrastructure and training the Saudi Arabian military. The agreement between the two countries included the supply of the latest weapons to the Saudis in order to protect themselves from the eminent threat of attack from aggressors such as Iraq. On the other hand, the United States would be allow to construct its military bases in Saudi Arabia, while at the same time buying oil which at the time would cost at less than $3 a barrel. This enabled the United States meet the high demand for oil. During the cold war, the relationship between the two countries became even more solid. There was a threat that the Soviet Union would attack Saudi Arabia due to their relations with the United States (Hammes, 2005, 100). While the Soviet Union was spreading the communism ideologies, the United States promoted the capitalism. However, the United States demonstrated its support by defending this country against any threat. This was clear when Iraq had invaded Saudi Arabia, with an aim of destroying its relations with the west. At the time, the United States ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How did the 1970's oil crisis affect the US SAUDI relations ( in other Essay. Retrieved from
(How Did the 1970'S Oil Crisis Affect the US SAUDI Relations ( in Other Essay)
How Did the 1970'S Oil Crisis Affect the US SAUDI Relations ( in Other Essay.
“How Did the 1970'S Oil Crisis Affect the US SAUDI Relations ( in Other Essay”, n.d.
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