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Motives for the voyages of discovery - Research Paper Example

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Name Subject Date Motives for the voyages of discovery The movies that belong to adventure/drama genre provide ample importance to the adventurous lives and the deeds of the protagonists. Within the scenario, some films provide importance to historical characters and some other films project mythical characters…
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Motives for the voyages of discovery
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"Motives for the voyages of discovery"

Download file to see previous pages Thesis statement: The research work on the film Conquest of Paradise proves that the protagonist’s motives for his voyages of discovery include his personal motive to prove his worthiness as a sailor, to quench the renaissance spirit by going beyond national boundaries, to find out new lands, to extend European influence to new lands, to plunder gold and wealth from the natives, to find out new sea routes, colonization under the crown, to spread Christianity, and to expand trade and commerce in future years. This section is broadly divided into: personal motive, renaissance spirit, to find out new lands, expansion of European influence, to plunder wealth, to find out sea routes, colonization, religious purposes, and expansion of trade. Personal motive: In the movie, the director makes use of the protagonist’s personal motive (say, to prove his value as a sailor) to unearth the importance of the expeditions of discovery. To be specific, the protagonist decides to fulfil his personal aim by conducting a voyage to unseen lands. Deanne Schultz opines that, “Despite weak condescension to the counter discourse, the film argues that Columbus deserves restoration to a legacy of greatness.”1 One can see that the protagonist tries to convince Queen Isabella I that he is worthy enough to conduct an expedition. This personal motive to prove oneself as a worthy sailor is inherent in almost all sailors. Still, the protagonist fails to convince the queen because the proposed expedition will result in economic burden. But the protagonist does not give up his personal interest/aim. Instead, he tires his level best to gain a ship and crew members. This proves that the protagonist is so obsessed with his personal motive/interest. So, one can see that the director sheds light into the protagonist’s inner mind and unveils the reason behind his passion towards sailing. Renaissance spirit: The protagonist’s expeditions of discovery in the film are symbolic of the influence of Renaissance that urges individuals to go beyond national boundaries. To be specific, the protagonist represents the spirit of Renaissance to explore the unknown. One can see that Renaissance resulted in geographical discoveries. The protagonist is aware that his expedition can help him to gain glory. But, he does not possess a ship or crew members. Still, his unending passion towards adventure forces him to approach the queen. This passion towards adventure is the essence of Renaissance. Somehow, the protagonist convinces the queen and starts his expedition. The director makes use of the protagonist’s effort to portray the human passion to know the unknown. The protagonist is aware that he cannot fulfil his dreams without seeking help from the queen. Besides, he knew that his voyage can help him to be on the pinnacle of success. The protagonist does not like to an idle individual because his destiny is interconnected with the revolutionary spirit of Renaissance. One can see that the protagonist’s passion towards his profession and its relationship with the rapid change in European mindset helped him to be victorious in the end. So, the director convinces the viewers and proves that Renaissance spirit guides the protagonist towards his expeditions of discovery. To find out new lands: In the movie, the director makes use of historical facts to prove that the protagonist’s aim was not to reach the mainland of America, but to reach Asia. To be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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