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In your opinion and using a case study, what is the most dangerous type of terrorism in the globalized, twenty-first century Fr - Essay Example

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In Your Opinion And Using A Case Study, What Is The Most Dangerous Type Of Terrorism In The Globalized, Twenty-First Century? From A Policy Perspective, How Do You Stop It? Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Part One 5 Part Two 8 Part Three 10 Conclusion 13 References 14 Bibliography 17 Introduction Terrorism has emerged as one of the gravest forms of violence executed in the societal context in the modern times…
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In your opinion and using a case study, what is the most dangerous type of terrorism in the globalized, twenty-first century Fr
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"In your opinion and using a case study, what is the most dangerous type of terrorism in the globalized, twenty-first century Fr"

Download file to see previous pages According to certain observations made by recent researchers, it has been determined that ‘Terrorism’ has detained the world’s attention in recent years since mainly 2001. In this context, it has been the result of the destructive 9/11 attacks upon the two core symbols of the power political country i.e. United States of America. The targeted buildings of America were the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. The attack has attained a great emblematic stature as an outrage to the reputable global order and an encounter to the world’s leading power. There are various types of terrorism within the society. A few of them are ‘Sate terrorism’, ‘Cyber terrorism ‘and ‘Narco-terrorism’ among others. In recent years, religious terrorism has emerged in terms of its occurrence, measure of violence and international reach. Furthermore, it has also been observed that there has been a relative decline within secular terrorism. The old philosophies of class battle, anti-colonial deliverance and material chauvinism have been transformed by new and energetic infusion of religious ideologies. In this context, it can be further ascertained that religious violence has been supported by Grassroots extremist, which has been widely spread amidst the population living in the repressive societies (Martin, 2012). This study mainly focuses on the relevance of religious terrorism worldwide. Such type of terrorism usually affects the heart of common masses and attains a great reach within a shorter tenure. Furthermore, the paper intends to discuss the dangerous aspects of religious terrorism along with ascertaining the policies that are being implemented to stop it. With regard to limitations and problems that had been faced, in order to segregate the requisite materials certain difficulties arose. Based on religious beliefs and norms of the people, it was difficult to collect secondary sources pertaining to the concerned study aspects. Religion is a term, which depicts emotional attachment of common masses. Consequently, a research study on such aspects involves in-depth analysis of cultural values and religious differences. The study also involves the blood shed of common masses pertaining to such dangerous act of terrorism. Part One Religious terrorism is represented as a political violence. It is propagated by a strong belief that has been imposed by the higher powerful authorities as a command for continuing with the terrorist violence. This worldly power is imposed to gain a greater glory in relation to faith. Violent acts are the results that have been committed mainly by the beliefs of the worldly power, which preaches about receiving of rewards afterlife. Considering the historical perspective related to the ‘Religious Violence’, terrorism is the end result of the strict norms and beliefs, which has been in long-term associated with human affairs. Histories related to various masses, civilizations, nations and realms are filled with numerous examples of revolutionary believers. In this context, the revolutionary believers engaged themselves in violent activities for promoting their strong belief. Furthermore, in-depth analysis of ‘Religious Terrorism’ has proclaimed that a few of the religious terrorists are greatly inspired by the defensive motives, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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